July 23, 2008

Welcome!  This is Everybody Does It, a sex and alt lifestyle blog.

Who are we?  Two freshly-minted, filthy-minded college grads underutilizing our overpriced educations.  We plan to post several times a week.

What will we post?  Stories, posts from guest bloggers (hopefully), questions for the audience, and other tidbits.  Please let us know if you’d like to see a certain feature.

Now, introductions are in order.  I’ll go first!

Name:  Madame Hovary

Age: 21

Height: 5’0″

Color: Yellow

Stomping grounds: Northwest DC

Hails from: Norcal

Day job: feminist rabble-rouser

Favorite undies: Hanky Panky black low rise thong

Favorite sex shop: Night Dreams

Specialty: blowjobs

Favorite fuck: St. Patrick’s Day ’08.  Nothing like an Irish car bomb to get things started.

Places in which I’d Like to Fuck: McKinley Building at AU

Babymaking music: Buddy Guy

That’ll do for now.  Stay tuned and happy reading!

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