The Strip

July 26, 2008

Just my own two cents on Las Vegas.  I most recently visited Sin City last summer, when I was still woefully underage.

One evening found my sister and I wandering down the Strip between MGM Grand and the Paris Las Vegas as we waited for a show.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, but there were a number of guys loitering on the sidewalk passing out baseball card-sized fliers.

They were for strip clubs and assorted erotic services, and they were littered all over the sidewalk.  A lot of the men whistled as we walked by.

Oh Las Vegas, you’re no different from any other city.  Bright and shiny during the day, sketchy as hell at night.

This also reminds me of the time I was solicited for sex in Beijing.  Brazilian man and I were the only people in the hotel awake at 5am.

He was watching the World Cup, I had jet lag.  I was reading USA Today and saw him pacing nearby so I said hi and made small talk.

After a couple minutes, he showed me an envelope with his room number and said “You…how much?  You understand?”  After I realized what he meant, my first thought was to speculate how much I could get out of him.  $300?  $400?

I told him I didn’t understand and walked outside.

One comment

  1. Lulz! I collected those little cards and sorted them both by hotness and price (there is a correlation)

    I’ll post pics ASAP!

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