Las Vegas: Home of the Labia Motorboat

July 29, 2008

So I survived the trip with more than enough stories to last me awhile. I figure, though, with this being a sex blog I’ll tackle the sexiest encounter I had in Vegas.

So, first night we get there at 11pm so I think ‘it’s so late, might as well call it a night and start bright and early the next morning’. But no! My bf’s friends call us over to a strip club, Little Darlings, to start the weekend off right.

I had a few qualms about the trip as the cover was 25 bucks each and Little Darlins just isn’t the best the Strip has to offer. However I had to keep the following in mind: that a) Strippers LOVE me , b) Vegas is an arms race of clubs constantly struggling to out-wow each other and c) Strippers fucking love me.

B was what sealed the deal; the club featured poles that stretched near 30 feet into the ceiling, every inch of which was scaled by beautiful (mostly natural) women in cute ass lil’ outfits. These women did things to those poles that challenged Cirque de Soleil in their difficult and unique ability. One or two spun halfway down the pole only to fall into a split. A pair of leather clad ladies made for a particularly amazing show: one did a split handstand on the pole while the other inched down face first to simulate some very acrobatic, cunnilingus-like play. The lesbian action was extremely authentic – playful yet erotic, there were very easy giggles and fun wrestling and nibbling.

Oh and the lovely ladies went out of their way to make me feel special – I got hugs, kisses, compliments, free dances, dollars retrieved oh so skillfully from my bosom and something that I can only describe as a labia motorboat.

There are too many other clubs to visit for me to say that I’d definitely go back but the experience was more than memorable enough for me to recommend the place.

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