Boink: College Sex By the People Having It – I like it!

July 31, 2008

I recently bought about six or seven books that somehow relate to sex and got to read one on my plane from Las Vegas. Boink: College Sex by the People Having It is a series of stories (fiction and nonfiction, I believe) with beautiful illustrations to accompany each story and interludes of gorgeous photography.


The art is enough reason to buy the book – I bought Boink without knowing the content because the colors and photography drew me in. The quality of the photos is just perfect and captures the amateur, light-hearted nature of college sex. Each “interlude” features lesbian, couple and individual scenes; so my one complaint is that there’s no man-on-man action and I went to AU so I know hot, gay sex is the norm in college.


The literary parts of the book cover the gamut of college experiences – some are incredibly insightful and introspective, others frank, and others informative. Threeways, break ups, fantasies, getting sexiled, coming out, roommate troubles and affairs are all covered in great detail by college students (mostly from Boston).


So I bet you’re thinking – why should I buy it when I can just flip through the pics at the bookstore? The answer is that the book makes for a colorful part of any library and is a fun coffee table sort of book; you’ll notice that anyone who comes by your place will pick it out and comment on how interesting it is. Reading the stories aloud (acting out each character and such) is great fun with a group of friends or a significant other. And I’ll admit that a few of the stories got me a little hot and bothered.


I’m also up for taking any recommendations in all sorts of sex books – so if you’re reading this, drop me a link or something!




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