Best Sex News of the Week

August 15, 2008

Fetish Con 2008 in Tampa: I have to get some feedback on this event – it’s fairly close to my location. So, who does fetish better NYC or Tampa? North or South? The struggle continues.

Orgasm Gel For Women : This soon to be launched gel is meant to extend the time and intensity of the female orgasm. ‘Bout time.

Porn Star, Jenna Jameson Gets Nude for PETA: Get your pets spayed or neutered…or don’t. Who knows who else might get naked for this campaign.

Report Finds Why No One Buys Female Condoms: The article lists fewer reasons than I can think of…

The Pill Affects How Women Choose Mates: The altered sense of smell makes women choose the wrong guy.

NYC Women Have More Abortions, Under Utilize Free Birth Control

Health Benefits of Masturbation: For Men AND Women

Man Gets Penis Stuck in Park Bench: This isn’t real news but it’s pretty funny.

Jury Spends 3.5 Hours Watching Porn: Even porn is boring on jury duty.

Court Bans Man From Having Sex Because He’s Too Loud

I encourage readers to post news of their own – the more the merrier, I’m sure!

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