Being PC with Fetishes – What Does That Even Mean?

August 19, 2008


Between reading the Encyclopedia of Unusual Fetishes (yes, the whole thing), blog posts on various fetishes and a biography of Alfred Kinsey, I’ve seen a myriad of ways to interpret fetishes and wondered how to do so myself.


Should I ever actually become a sexologist or sex therapist it will become crucial to see them objectively though, hearing about some of the more…outlandish ones, this is tough to take a stance on. Take a foot fetish for example, this is a fetish generally considered odd if not gross (bring in up in any conversation and count the number of “ews”) but I happen to know a lot of fellows who tell me, always one-on-one, about this fetish they have. That, if it weren’t for the ews, they’d indulge a lot more often. And why was my post on underarm fetishes so damn popular? My number one guess is that readers could relate to the experience in someway or were looking to justify their own lust for armpits.


What is even outlandish anymore? I used to think the aforementioned fetishes were at one time – now, not so much.


Some paraphilias, like masochism or vincilagnia (being tied up), make perfect sense to me while menophilia (arousal from menses) and others don’t. I hope that the path to understanding includes changing my perspective in a way that might accommodate the people who come to me for advice and solace and relief.


BTW: Menophilia is starting to make sense for me – I’m probably close to my horniest during that special time and my skin becomes especially sensitive in some crucial areas.



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