Medicinal Masturbation

August 25, 2008

Good gravy, do I love alliterative blog titles. Alliteraphilia? Who knows.

I Love Jacking Off *WINK*

I Love Jacking Off *WINK*


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I must look for alternative housing in the next week. In DC. I am livid about this. These circumstances are mostly due to my landlord who has upset me to the point of blurred vision, undue stress, and a severely reduced appetite (this only happens when I’ve suffered asthma and/or panic attacks).

So, I looked to my arsenal of sex toys and a night to myself to relieve my tension but found that I couldn’t even do that. I like to think that I have the uncanny ability to masturbate in nearly every situation – school, work, car, during lady times, while I’m sick, when I’m tired, and beyond. Yet, in the comfort of my own….well maybe not so much. My nasty landlord violated my privacy and maybe that thought got in the way of my orgasms. Which, in a terribly ironic way, makes me so angry that the whole situation is just counterproductive and I end up more f*cking pissed off than before. And to top it off there isn’t even any good sex news to console me!


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