That’ll leave a mark

September 8, 2008

I scar easily.  I learned this when BF discovered I like to be scratched during sex.

Consequently, my back may as well have a sign saying “BF was here.”  It’s still lovely, but has considerably more dings than it used to.  Will I depreciate in value?

This weekend, BF was giving me a backrub when he stopped to survey his handiwork.

His response:  “Oh my god that’s gruesome.  You look like you were hit by shrapnel.  Sorry…”

The scars are around my shoulder blades, on my ass, and at the base of my spine.  I like the idea of people seeing those scars and speculating on where they came from.

But I’ve been challenged to open my fucking mind.  I think I’d like to set goals for doing sexy things.  View a burlesque show, catch up on sex blogs and erotica, jerk off more, etc.

I’m too young to get stuck in a bedroom rut.

One comment

  1. Awesome. Almost makes me wish I bruised more easily…almost.

    You could go see the Golden Triangle Caberet thing, it’s some outrageous amount to go but I hear it’s worth it. We should go for Halloween! I bet it’s quite kick-ass then.

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