On location: advice and a story

September 11, 2008

Sex in the shower is slippery.

Sex in a park is uncomfortable.

Sex in a tent is exceedingly warm.

Sex in a car is cramped.

Sex in the bathroom is sometimes destructive (my parents never asked how the toilet lid broke).

Sex at the top of a stairwell can bring maintenance workers.

I wouldn’t mind a change of scenery.  It would be nice to venture out of the bedroom, esp. with the aid of a short skirt.  But BF is not a fan of sex in semi-public places.

Still, it’s often hard to beat the good ol’ living room couch.  I have not yet properly christened my couches.  This is a little more difficult when you live with three people.

BF’s couch, on the other hand, has seen more debauchery than I’m sure it would care to say.  Much of it occurred after BF’s roomie went to bed.  Much of it occurred when I should have been sleeping or studying.

For instance, St. Patrick’s Day was a Monday this year.  Folks gathered at his place for a mini celebration that evening.  I had some obligation keeping me but arrived in time for the Irish car bombs.  It was my first.

Work and classes Tuesday necessitated the night end early.  I dawdled til everyone left and his roomie hit the sack.  We curled up on that charming couch.  One thing led to another.

The way he touched me, the way he entered me, was lovely.  I kissed his arms, his shoulders, held the curve of his ass.  He likes the noises I make when I want him badly and he feels good.  He was on top of me and it was divine.  Everything felt soft and right.  I wanted that feeling to continue as long as possible.

I rocked my hips up hard to him to take him all in.  He worked me up until my words spilled out as Ohshitohfuckohgodohgodohgodohgod.

If I’m trying to be quiet, I get all breathy when I cum.  It was a really pure pleasure, like my body had turned to liquid gold, satin in a bottle.  He started to cum too and I love how hard he fucks me when he cums.  He fits perfectly and lord it was good.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tight.

This is one of my fondest nightime recollections.  Sometimes I miss that couch, though BF has said it might come out of retirement and see some action soon.

I miss the days where I had an insatiable sex drive, where all I could think about was his body.  In class, in my room, on the bus to work.

I am promising myself I will spend more time indulging in fantasy.  I’ve already plotted some things I’d like to do with him.  Will let you know how that goes.

One comment

  1. Sex in the shower is terrible.

    Sex in a park is incredible.(Symphony Woods in MD++)

    Sex in a tent is noisy

    Sex in a car is the shit

    Sex in the bathroom is dangerous

    Sex at the top of a stairwell inspires all sorts of creative positions

    I love this incredibly sexy post! You should really consider writing more like this.

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