Porning on Planes? Give me a break.

September 15, 2008

It’s not like this wasn’t predictable even ten years ago – internet availability on planes had to happen because everyone’s addicted to the internet now. Heaven forbid if I can’t Twitter/Facebook/Myspace during my flight. And because we all know that internet was invented to host sweet, delicious porn, this current scenario with people looking it up during their flights comes (haha, come) as no surprise.

I mean what good can come of anyone watching porn during a flight. The idea of sticky seats, blankets, tiny bathroom areas and magazines is just a bit more than I can handle. Of course not everyone decides to act on their arousal when watching porn but let’s not forget what tends to happen most of the time and the very purpose of porn. I mean I can watch people have sex on any number of HBO or night-time cable programs but porn just serves an entirely different purpose. And usually I can defend public sexual acts as I’m a culprit but a plane is just too small and with an audience too close. On a plane there’s next to no chance that you won’t get caught jacking it, so where’s the thrill? I think we can draw the line at hard core porn when it comes to website filtering on flights and I’d even go so far as to have the attendants [politely] stop passengers from viewing whatever homegrown or store bought stuff they bring along.

I think we can all wait a few hours on a plane to watch porn in the comfort of our hotel rooms, where at least you know everything’s already covered in sex juices.

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