What’s the matter with kids today? Myspace, probably.

September 18, 2008

My 15 year old cousin has a myspace page with photos of her in her bikini or cheerleader outfit posing pin-up style. I’m not mad at her though – the site seems to be made for teens her age (when the age filter thing is on). She has it in her favorite colors with glittery letters and her friends’ “sexy” pose photos and favorite bands and so on.

I suppose the problem I have is with the suggestive photos – high fashion

Lol, gross

Lol, gross

models don’t pose with their hands  pushing their boobs up into their chins with kissy lips, so I can’t help but wonder where my cousin learns these things. Did I say “has”? I meant “had” a myspace page; her dad found out and instead ostracizing his daughter from all her social networks by removing the page, he set up his own. Needless to say, anything remotely sexual on the page has since been removed.

So, I’m walking home from work yesterday and I see two young girls: one about 8 and the other no more than 11or 12. I think the two girls are playing on the front lawn but no…the older one is posing on the lawn and forcing the younger one to take pictures of her with a real camera. These poses were more lewd than what my cousin’s site was sporting. Yikes.

I can’t imagine what the purpose of these photos were but I sincerely pray they will never make it to the internet. I thought that at that age boys still had cooties and that sexy meant fingernail polish and wearing my hair down, but I guess a decade indeed makes all the difference. Where did they learn those poses? Where are all those photos going? Why?!

The bf’s mother, who’s a guidance counselor at a middle school, told me recently that EVERY DAY there is a physical altercation or screaming match between girls over something related to myspace. Kind of a tangent, I know but still Absolutely Ludicrous.

I hate the fact that I’m losing touch with this just past generation of degenerates.

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