Hi-o from the Buckeye State

September 23, 2008

Mme. Hovary regrets she has not been able to regularly post as of late.

Lonely days, lonely nights here in Bowling Green OH.  Which is to say, no bedfellows save my coworker….who probably doesn’t swing my way.

I’ve been so busy I haven’t even debriefed (haha) the weekend before last.

As you may recall, Mme. Hovary was struggling to return the ooomph to her sex life.  BF had noted it was harder to get me off these days, and he was very gracious in discussing how to fix things.  I asked for a movie in bed and finding new locations.

I also took inventory of my life, because I believe everything you do can affect desire and performance.  I’m still somewhat directionless in life, and I still need a hobby that doesn’t require a naked boy.

That remains unresolved.  Still, I was really determined to end my cold streak.

Since graduating, I’ve had less alone time, ironically enough.  Less time alone to daydream and browse the erotic content of the internet.  A sexy frame of mind is really key for setting the mood, and that had gone ignored while work took precedence.

One weeknight after that uncomfortable convo with BF, he went out of his way to take his time and slow down the foreplay.  It was lovely and hedonistic and selfishly good.  That was the start of a good weekend.

On Friday we went for birthday drinks and Ethiopian food with friends.  We are old and have early bedtimes, so we went back to my place shortly thereafter.  We went to bed and slept awhile, then roused a little for some late night sex.  Awesome – hope I didn’t wake the roomies.

On Saturday, he left in the morning and I had a dinner date with another friend who lives up the street.  After showering later in the morning, I decided to sex it up a little.  Backless top, denim mini skirt, g-string.  I called BF to ask for that movie in bed, prior to my dinner engagement.

Once I got there, we made out a little in his living room.  Roomie was napping, otherwise I would have done BF there.

He pulled me into his room.  It was a muggy, lazy afternoon and the sun filtered through the blinds.  As the clothes came off, I thought how much I enjoyed being sexually available for him, and how dirty that makes me feel.

He kissed my boobs, bit my thighs.  When he was on top of me, I focused on the way he pushed my legs apart, wider and wider.  This whole promiscuity thing – hot.

After we finished, I showered there and said I’d call after I visited my friend.  Dinner was fab, and I called BF back as promised.

We watched the end of Bowling for Columbine, then readied for bed.  We sleep in our skivvies, but as I curled up with him it became apparent we weren’t done for the night.

The next morning, we drowsed a while, and I took advantage of the alarm cock.  After breakfast I left and puttered the rest of the day.  I returned to his place for dinner, and then we turned in early for work the next day.

I had worn another scant bit of underwear to his place that evening.  As I slipped into bed, I figured we might actually sleep, so stringy undies wouldn’t be comfortable.  I slipped them off.

“You’re nudifying, aren’t you?” he said.

I said yes.  He pressed against me and we kissed.  Weekend screw #5 was upon us.  Again, I revelled in feeling delightfully filthy, and I told him so when we were done.

So that was my epic September fling.  I’m hoping for an Oktoberfest repeat.  I’m on the road through Saturday, which precludes much action, but I’ll try to get my kicks in.  Good night and good luck to all the lovers out there!

One comment

  1. Wow, sounds like everybody had a kick ass weekend.

    And for the record, I think you should have more sex, not for your sake but for the blog’s sake.

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