I <3 Moral Orel

September 23, 2008

Moral Orel is a more genius show than the ratings might lead you to believe. If you haven’t heard of it, Morel Orel’s a claymation show that makes its way to Adult Swim on Cartoon Network from time to time. Really every episode follows a pretty funny template:

The main character, Orel, in his attempts to strictly follow the Christian guidelines doled out by his minister or some other figure, takes the advice too far and ends up turning the whole town of Moralton upside-down with his antics.

Simple enough but the show is surprising adult themed – in one episode, Orel impregnates near all the

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

women of Moralton because his minister told him that all sperm must go to creating babies. Instead of not masturbating, Orel sneaks into the women’s rooms at night and donates his sperm to baby-making causes. In another episode, Orel drinks his own urine to avoid being wasteful and in yet another his father tells Orel to be mature by acting like grown-ups in Moralton, so Orel starts drinking and beating up women. Hilarious.

My new favorite episode, entitled “Offensiveness”, follows a woman who protests everything even remotely sinful (books and movies) and Orel of course joins her. Orel eventually finds that since eggs come between a chicken’s legs, they must be sinful as they come from a naughty place and he gets the whole town to ban eggs. The lady protester is crestfallen as eggs were her one source of pleasure…she goes so far as to attend a sort of underground meeting where people can illegally eat eggs and watch hens lay them. I think the final scene is her in a dark booth crying and eating her eggs in shame.

It’s not really the kind of show you laugh out loud for but it’s fun to think about. It reminds me of the Arrested Development episode on lessons where the father went to extreme lengths to teach lessons on seemingly trivial matters, blowing them severely out of proportion. And Moral Orel is probably the most sexually themed show on Adult Swim (cartoon network?), the Dickesode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force doesn’t count.

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