Switching & the Derisive, Coquettish Puppet Voice

September 25, 2008
Classic DCPV Pose

Classic DCPV Pose

In case you didn’t know:

Switching is the slash in the D/s relationship. It is being dominant and submissive to varying degrees and tends to get that whole pick-a-damn-side sentiment from the BDSM community. Very similar to that of bisexuality. I happen to enjoy both immensely.

Derisive, Coquettish Puppet Voice is the term my mother’s ex-boyfriend invented to describe the tone that manipulative, passive aggressive little girls use when they want something with just a hint of flirty sexiness. I’m convinced that this tone is exclusive to women and that every woman possesses it.

In a submissive role, I use the DCPV to death. I described the concept to the bf, making fun of my mother, he laughed and said “Oh yeah you do that all the time.” I was hurt but he assured me that it was one of the cuter things I did (when in moderation) unless paired with DCPV’s evil cousin, Derisive Whiny Puppet Voice.

 Dwelling on this further, I found that I generally avoid that higher pitched, girly tone to preserve my normally mature disposition BUT that it comes out with dominants. It doesn’t bother me then cause I’m too busy being a little brat of a harlot, and thankfully the voice doesn’t ever surface under any other circumstances. 

As a switch, I enjoy doing to others all the things I like to be done to me (there’s something deep and meaningful in there somewhere…) and so, of course, when Rae used DCPV last night, I found it totally endearing! I was thinking “Awww look at her trying to get away with something, I know what’s going on here!”

What is this post about? I have no idea. But it was pretty sweet when Rae flashed her tits for her Dom on the metro.

One comment

  1. Sweet! Exhibitionism on the Metro!

    I always want to see what I can get away with on the Metro, to BF’s eternal chagrin…

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