Ohio is not for lovers

October 2, 2008

Not this one, anyway.  Mlle. Nottibits has concluded I need to get laid more, for the sake of our blog, but I regret I cannot comply.  Business trip means another week in foreign lands, ie the Midwest.

The good/belated news is, I finally got my movie in bed.  My 36 hours in DC were spent glued to BF.  We screwed around a couple times, and went to Georgetown on Sunday afternoon.  Couldn’t resist purchasing ridiculously frilly, overpriced underwear.  Purple and green with lace trim and bowties.  Stop me.

I had a large pizza slice for dinner and we went back to his place.  It rained intermittently and we saw a really bright rainbow along the way.  Did productive things a while, then slipped into bed for a reshowing of Batman Begins.

I certainly intended to get my kicks in before leaving for Ohio again.  So to get comfy, I slid out of my jeans and curled up to BF under the covers.  I was wearing scant lacey undies.  He traced circles over my hips and lower back, and my fingers idled along the waist of his jeans.  This continued for a good hour or so.

Mid-way through the movie he got up.  As he came back to bed, he apparently noticed my pantslessness, or cared to remark on it.  He turned around to stop the movie.

I pulled him on top of me and told him I loved him.  He kissed me and asked what I would like.  I pondered this briefly while we undressed each other.  As his hands slid downward, I told him I had two questions for him.

My first question was how many fingers he’d slip inside me.  He said one, which was a fine answer.  My second question was a request to go down on me.  I promised to return the favor.

He scooted to the foot of the bed and was very gentle, very patient.  He took his time until I came, one moan after another.  When I finally recovered, I pulled him back up to me.  He ground against me until I rolled him onto his back.  I pulled off his boxers and went to work.  I got excited again – I do so love giving head.

I think he enjoyed it, but didn’t feel like cumming in my mouth that evening.  He grabbed me and pushed me onto my back.  Usually he likes to start slow, but wasted no time in fucking me hard.  He knows how much I like it.

His roommate was drifting around the apartment and I tried to be quiet, which probably still failed.  BF was perfect, ravaged my body.  He likes making me moan, softly and loudly.  I loved it and as he came he slammed into me, over and over.  He knows how much I like that too.

After that we went to bed.  I shouldn’t have slept over, but it was 11pm by then and I was naked and happy.  It was also my last night with him for the week, and I didn’t want it to end a minute shorter than it had to.

As I’ve couched surfed this week, I’ve thought back to that night, and it makes me cum all over again.  I can’t wait to go home to him Friday.

I’m a selfish lover, and I think I should change that.  My goal is to be the best fuck he’s ever had.  I don’t know I’ll ever get there, but it’s certainly worth a try.  Happy Thursday and I look forward to posting about welcome-home sex!

One comment

  1. Selfish? You? Nah.

    And I’m starting to think none of my friends are quiet fuckers/fuckees. What is the deal with that?

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