Losing My Voice

October 4, 2008

A few months ago I had a nasty sore throat that managed to decimate the volume of my voice for a week. After a night out on the town with the bf pretending that my voice was OK, I lost it completely by the next morning. I could not even get so much as an audible whisper out and was reduced to writing to get M to understand me at all – luckily he was extremely patient and took a certain amount of pleasure speaking for me when we were out. In a couple of hours, I was able to embrace my temporary handicap – M and I spent hours in each others’ company in silence or getting him to talk to me – it was quite a novel experience. There aren’t many times in our relationship that I’ve felt completely submissive and vulnerable but those days I lost my voice was certainly one for the books.

I relied on M to make most every decision for me as it’s almost deplorably difficult to get anything done in public without a voice. He read my expressions as responses to our “conversation” and ordered me about knowing I couldn’t mouth off back. I would never wish for the voice loss to be a permanent affliction but it was a lovely change of pace and I’m likely a much better listener for the experience.

((I have a sore throat now and I’m secretly hoping it renders me mute again.))

One comment

  1. A very sexy predicament to be in, indeed!


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