Not Enough Hours in the Day…

October 6, 2008

I spent last night with Rae & T, pretty much coming my brains out between bouts of tying Rae up and getting her to follow suit. Rae got a hotel room with devastingly paper thin walls and had everything ready by T’s and my arrival. With an arsenal of toys, ample time and stamina, and effective bondage strategies – I think we all managed a lovely time and two glorious orgasms a piece. It was fairly odd being on both ends of the power spectrum but it was certainly one for the books. I somehow get home, too horny to see straight and remember that next weekend I have a sexy birthday event to plan with vanilla couple, C&S. Gah.


This isn’t what my life usually is. About two months ago, M was the only man in my life and I was just about ready to give up the whole kink-hipster scene – being with M was enough without paying admission fees for fairly uneventful club nights.  Then, I swear within about two weeks of each other I met Rae and T (kinky couple) and C and S (vanilla couple). AND one week from that, M and I had our first threesome together with AJ. I had to buy a planner to keep track of all this activity. That’s not all folks. Just last night I heard from a male sub who I had stopped training maybe one year ago (he had to do some time) who wants to get started up again AND a female sub that I’ve recently made friends with who wants to be humiliated. Now, I’m nothing close to a pro-domme, not at all but I can’t imagine how they balance their schedules…lord knows there’s only so many days in the week.


So for my own sake, let’s make a list:


M – Top priority, known 5+  years, straight, dominant (B&D, Sado)

Rae – known 1 month, bi, sub (D/s)

T – known less than a month, straight, dominant (B&D, D/s)

C & S – known 1 month, bi-ish, vanilla

Lou – known 2.5 years, straight, long distance, very sub pain-slut (BDSM in its entirety)

Lil – known less than a month, gay, sub (D/s)


Having joined the Entre Nous group recently, I got an email from a cute couple looking to meet/hook up – I had to turn em down, with just no more room in my schedule for couples. I don’t say this to brag but merely to reemphasize that only two months ago, my life was nothing like this. It was much plainer, much calmer, and very predictable. There’s more drama to be sure and much more money finding its way out of my bank account but meh, ca vaut le coup.




Also, I made green spreader bars from scratch on Friday – Thanks Home Depot!


  1. I was gonna say, your sexploits have really taken off as of late. Way to work it!

    BF would like to decline your offer to assist with erotic photography. Pity. But I’m certainly delighted to hear this is a talent of yours. I also really like our expanding blogroll 😀

  2. Damn, just stomp all over my dreams. I’m sure he can get the job done right, though.

    And I love adding decent sites as people recommend them – I already use this blog as a resource. I thought to myself the other day “I need to get cute undergarment sets, what’s that site Hovary uses?” So I surfed on over here and found it. Glorious.

  3. Glad to be of assistance! Also, try Loehmann’s. Loehmann’s is the primary reason for my expensive lingerie habit. Discounted expensive lingerie – brilliant!

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