Patience is a virtue – I’ll burn in hell

October 12, 2008

Hooray!  Mme. Hovary had a delightful week in bed.  Three fucks in a week isn’t stellar, but I think we made ’em count.

On Wednesday, BF and I went to dinner with his coworkers, then came home and watched the telly with his roomie.

It’s always awkward to leave your friends and head into the bedroom, but I’ll obviously put aside my discomfort to get some.  We fell into bed and kissed and kissed.  I’ve started to really enjoy making out, and I find it incredibly sexy.

We took our time to get warmed up.  Once he was inside me, he whispered into my ear and it so turned me on I came as he spoke.  It was a really fabulous orgasm, made even better because I felt him cum too.  I wasn’t quiet.  Quiet is no fun anyway.

I slept over Friday night, no action to report.  I wish he liked morning sex, but I think he prefers to be awake and clean before doing me.  Go figure.

So after we showered and dressed Saturday morning, he rummaged around but was out of condoms.  So we made out and I blew him.  He thrust into me and came in the back of my throat.  I figured he’d tell me when to stop, so after he came I continued to lick, kiss, and suck his cock.

I think he enjoyed it.  This went on a while, to the point where my legs were quite unamused after kneeling over him so long.

After lunch, we went to the Phillips Collection, then visted CVS for more Durexes.  We had dinner in the living room with my roomie and she put in Sleeping Beauty so we watched that.  It’s certainly not the most progressive movie, but it sufficed for entertainment and mockery.

Our going-out plans fell through, so we headed back to his place and hung out on the couch.  Sleepytime was nigh, so we settled into bed.  I was still in my sexy undies, and I was drowsy but still horny.  I thought we’d actually sleep, but BF apparently changed his mind so we had a good fuck.  And his roomie was gone that night so I didn’t worry about being loud.

We’ve gotten better about asking for what we like and communicating what feels good.  I find this development really hot, though when I fuck I have this earnest, I-want-to-please voice that isn’t as seductive as one would hope.

Actually, as I post I’m inspired to start giving orders in bed.  Angelina Jolie is my wet dreamgirl; that sort of effect is what I’d love to shoot for – assertive, lethal, and sexy as hell.

This caps another weekend of somewhat spartan yet delicious sex.  I’m so glad I’ve gotten my groove back.  I think the cure was patience, lingerie, a focused, sexy frame of mind, and a lovely boyfriend.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and happy fucking!

One comment

  1. Mmm, I’m very jealous of casual/lazy/spartan sex.

    I hope to partake when I see the BF soon. Also, I noticed that my BF loves the post orgasm cock aftercare – sometimes seemingly more than the orgasm itself. There must be something more to this..

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