Meaning/lessness of sex, part 2

October 13, 2008

Does sex between two people mean less if everyone learns what you’re doing?

Also, in response to Mlle. Nottibits’s comment – it seems men derive varying levels of pleasure from post-BJ attention.  Some guys find Jesus in post-orgasm blowjob bliss, while others experience discomfort.  BF usually prefers I discontinue a blowjob after he cums, which is why Saturday was of interest.

Our friends at the Guide to Getting It On suggest it generally feels pretty good to have your dick sucked, whether or not the penis is erect.   So I imagine most of the time, boys will appreciate your time and effort below the belt.

But everyone’s different, so it can never hurt to ask your gent friend(s) how they prefer their fellatio!

Admission – I prefer my oral sex barrier-free.  I know I should use condoms and shiz, but oral sex is one of the most beautiful, unadulterated forms of pleasure on this good planet.  I do try to mind what I put in my mouth.  For me, oral sex can be a lot more intimate than vaginal sex, which is why I slept with BF (using condoms) long before I blew him.

If we’re both clean and monogamous, to my knowledge, then is it still irresponsible to forego the condom/dental dam during oral sex?

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