My Vocation is Clear: Sex Ed

October 15, 2008

So with the support of my friends and M, I’ve decided to get started on the course to being a Sex Therapist and Educator. Before this decision made around…oh…midnight last night, I was studying for the GMAT for an MBA or something with plans to become a therapist later on. Even typing it out now, that plan doesn’t really make much sense – why should I hold off on a career I’ve been excited about since I was in middle school?!

That question wasn’t rhetorical…I was actually unsure at first if all the sex talk and advice I could dole out was just for gossip sake (nope) or if I liked it just because I’m horny a lot (not so much anymore). It’s taken about six years to figure all this out even though when people who aren’t my parents ask what my life plans are, I always say “sex therapist”. Business was fun for my undergrad, but managerial accounting AGAIN? No, thank you. Did it for my parents anyway.

I’m afraid to tell them this plan of mine although with my streak of abnormal pursuits (piercings, tattoos, cutting all my hair off, being bi – they don’t officially know that one yet, but they know), my choice to research and educate in sexuality shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. And what parent can turn down a kid with a PhD?! None.

Plus, I figure there’s gotta be some job where marketing and sex therapy or sexology come together (hehe, come together)

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