Non-sexy entry but fairly insightful

November 1, 2008

Thank god this is anonymous. As a PsyD hopeful, I often anxious speculate to what kind of rewarding but tedious cases await me in the world of counseling psychology. I anticipate the worst – just in my few years as an amateur sex advisor I’ve encountered some gruesome stories – however, when my coworker talks to me about herself for hours about nothing, I begin to doubt my ability to stick with this.

Everyday for at least an hour, my coworker vents to me about her sex life and her baby. It’s not so much venting as bragging. She talks at me about her affair with some guy when the other guy doesn’t know or does or something. I spent the first few months of our relationship listening intently about her promiscuity and other transgressions but then I realized that she was talking just to talk. When speaking of her personal conflicts, she has no intention of resolving any of them but instead takes pride in an active, deviant sex life that no one probably cares about but me.

She tells me because I won’t judge her (ie You’re a slut for cheating – lol, how could I?) and because she tricks me into listening every time. Now what I’m hoping is that my education teaches me how to get anywhere with one-sided conversations like this. M’s mom, who has an MS in counseling, told me that the degree teaches one how to create goals for people like this that way it gets somewhere. I can’t wait for that one. But my guess is that most people do need to hear themselves talk their way through situations to find solutions much like I do with these blog entries. Hm.

Anywho. Rae ended her diet yesterday and I was able to steal a few kisses.

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