From date to fucktoy sub to gf in ____ seconds flat.

November 10, 2008

Have you ever watched one of the home decorating shows where an entire room’s theme is based on a significant object? Well, I recently rearranged my room with the focus being a small space dedicated to a corner and a little, red stool.

As Rae and I have been spending more and more time together, the relationship has slowly matured into something less like a BFF/play partner and more like a girlfriend. I never saw it coming, honestly; in the past I’ve had to decide between gf and fuck toy with neither ending with fond memories or significant tenure.In the past few days, Rae has not so subtly asked for definition in our relationship which is ideally all the BDSM-y bits that interject our hang out time now and being all girly and giggly with plenty of hugs and kisses. So what is a girl to do with such an unusual hybrid?

Rearrange the room.

Yesterday, I decided calling Rae my girlfriend felt about right and her eyes lit right up when I told her so. At this time, I had already decided that my room needed a change – clothes, boxes, art supplies and furniture are all strewn about my room – but I could hardly settle on an arrangement. Rae and I shopped for food, took sexy pictures on our journey and talked about what sort of relationship we could have. She went to her show afterwards, telling me she’d come back later that night to hang out with me. As soon as she left, I immediately went to work making a suitable space for her, something about this little stool in the house needed to be linked to Rae. The stool sits humbly in a bare corner with bare walls in my room, Rae came over last night, marveled at my new set up and perched herself right on that stool like it was put there just for her. I was elated!

So, of course I tied her limbs to it in some pretty elaborate knots and did something like sensation play for a few hours. Orgasms, wetness, and post orgasm giggles later, we curled up together in my bed to sleep very soundly. The bed was sweet and soft and warm; the stool was none of those. My room finally feels just right…I have a space where Rae is my gf and a space where she’s my plaything, with the transition being a fairly easy one.

*sighs dreamily*

One comment

  1. From the first moment I perched, I felt right at home, and that feeling never ceased for those first 2 tethered hours of debauchery. Thanks for bringing the tingles back-your way with words never ceases to amaze me!!

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