Does it feel like an alien is trying to burst violently from within your womb?

November 13, 2008

You could have Mittelschmerz.

Whenever I go to my doctors and explain this pain as Mittelschmerz, they are ALWAYS flabbergasted that I know the term. This means that not enough women know what’s going on with this crazy feeling or maybe they just don’t know the deceptively fun word for it. Hey, maybe you or some lady you know gets mittelschmertz, take a look at these symptoms and find out:

  • Mid cycle pain in the abdomen
  • Tenderness in the abdomen region that occasionally changes sides
  • Sharp pain in the ovary area that feels like someone is STABBING YOU TO DEATH WITH A DULL BLADE VIA THE OVARY

Mittelschmerz is actually the keen ability to feel when the egg is bursting through the ovaries right before it embarks on its journey to the womb. I read somewhere that I should be lucky to know where my eggs are and what they’re doing and I have yet to make sense of that. Seeing as my eggs tend to create cysts upon their ovarian exit, I greatly resent this ability.  If you are suffering this horrible, wretched pain, there is a cure and it is birth control(hormonal contraceptives)….well, or pregnancy…really anything that stops ovulation.

My two cents on mittelsmerz…


One comment

  1. For me, it’s like an insane gas pain, and it’s the one time a month sex can sometimes be unbearably uncomfortable for me. How does that even make sense? It’s the one time a month a woman’s body should be craving sex, and I’m practically dying from the pain.

    But, yes, I also know when I am in Middleschmerz.

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