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The Gift of Tolerance

December 28, 2008

I have one of these Chrismas-hating types as an SO. No lights, no presents, no joyful wishings, no visits to any retail locations between Thanksgiving and January 2. I love Christmas to death. So, after five years of secretly dreading this time of year, M and I finally came to a reasonable compromise.

The only gifts we would exchange would be items to enhance epic Christmas Eve sex…or even love-making to reflect the joyful and often generous nature of the season. I think I got a good bargain, too – even though M says he will never indulge in Santa roleplay (we’ll see…), I get to listen to as much Christmas music as I want (except for Christmas shoes) before, during and after the epic sex. Oh, and there will be equally epic pancakes the next morning.

Mmm, Christmas pancakes.


Light Bondage Photos – Probably NSFW…

December 18, 2008

And some photos I took to supplement the review of my newest paddle – no raunchy ones but I’m surprised that I don’t see more photos like this; Christmas lights really lend themselves to some pretty magical looking images…


Lite Bondage

Lite Bondage - Had to hold them up with clothespins! Awesome.

If you look real close you can read the XOXO

If you look real close you can read the XOXO

I managed to get a good pic of the goosebumps. Neato.

I managed to get a good pic of the goosebumps. Neato.

Happy Holidays indeed.

P.S. Christmas lights do NOT make great bondage tools – they heat up really quickly (not in the good way) and I wouldn’t trust a knot to em either..


Mediocre sub, Confused switch, Museless domme

December 17, 2008

M and I had a minor hiccup last night about the status of our D/s relationship; Rae brought out a very dominant part of me that while he thought it was incredibly sexy, he was unsure how to continue addressing me as a submissive. I’m not sure what to tell him.

I’m going to see him this weekend and he’s going to tie me down and try the new paddle out on me (at my request). We’ll just have to see what happens…


Thank you Make Me Blush Paddle, for there was much blushing to be had

December 14, 2008

Conveniently enough, as I just got a brand new paddle in the mail, Rae calls it quits on the D/s side of our relationship. Yet for the sake of science, curiosity, and the fact that I probably will never get to wield it on M, she gave her ass over to let me try this new paddle out. And I wanted to take some pictures with Xmas lights…also, for science.

The immediate appeal of this item was the color – anyone with a collection of impact toys will notice how pretty much everything is either

How delightfully pink

How delightfully pink

black or red. I refuse to settle for a dull collection of toys (I cherish my green spreader bar and rope!) so a bright baby pink paddle is what I got – and I think it’s one of Rae’s favorite colors, so bonus. Upon receiving it, I noticed that there is a severe lack of surface area compromised by the cut outs of the XOXO pattern and the paddle’s purse-sized dimensions (a blessing and a curse it seems). I bent Rae over her little stool and prepped her bare ass; I was determined to leave that XOXO pattern all over it!

The complete lack of wind resistance gave a satisfying THWACK, maybe a light pink “O” and goosebumps but not much else…until I flipped the impact side to the black half of the paddle. The pink half, while cuter, seemed to be made of a softer, more forgiving leather. The black side got a bit of squirming and the full XOXO. YES. Shortly after that discovery I realized that the paddle had more give than a traditional paddle – I could bend it and whip it across skin without damaging the toy or the skin. It wasn’t until I started really dragging the paddle though the hit that I started to get the results I was looking for. Rae even told me later that while a more rigid paddle would have made her melt, the new one had the kind of versatility in sensory stimulation to get her to subspace and back.

A little problem solving creativity got me pretty far with the Make Me Blush Paddle, anyone with the same ingenuity could likely wield it as a beginner’s or warm up toy with success and a couple XO’s with the right amount of force.


A Night Out – Getting Back to My Gay Roots Kinda

December 13, 2008

It’s been a tumultuous week somewhat. Work has me going like crazy to prepare for a myriad of over-priced, yet exceedingly dull holiday parties and Rae calls it quits on our D/s relationship (we’re still a friend force to be reckoned with!). And yet…everything is ok because I went clubbing last night at a rockin lesbian bar and had a supremely good time.

So, this post is about Hot Guys Making Out, Outrageously Convincing Trannies, and How My Hair Gets the Girls. You will find no content here.

Hot Guys Making Out
– I don’t seek out gay male porn. Not ever. In fact, if a small ad shows up on the screen of other porn, then I scrap the site and move on. But I cannot deny the hotness of watching two guys making out in person. When my friend and I got to The FAB Lounge, the lesbians there were almost like lifeless props for the greater show that was two gorgeous gay young men eating face on the couch across the room. It was the kind of face sucking that seemed drug induced – the passion and force with which these men were tearing at each other was relentless and almost violent. They literally had to stop for me to carry on with the rest of my evening…and carry on I did..

Outrageously Convincing Trannies – I’ve seen my share of HBO specials and I have been to enough fetish events to see my share of what DC has to offer in leather-clad transsexuals. Last night, I met a young man who just blew me away. The hair was perfect, the make up was far beyond my ability and the fashion was hot and on point. He was totally friendly and all about my dancing skills. I recall doing a few of those up-down scans of him when he sauntered by; the lady friend who went with me to the club and I both expressed our jealousy and utter perplextion for what might be attraction to this person. Hm.

How My Hair Gets the Girls – I have an afro and it is large. When men see me they call me Macy Gray and smile and wink and walk away. When women see me, they HAVE to touch it and ask about it. And before I know it, I’m dancing and I get the odd “your hair is gorgeous” or “I’ve never seen hair like that” whispered into my ear followed by some very R rated dancing that makes me blush and giggle sheepishly just to recall.

There was also extreme Drinking, Groping and Drunk Dialing, otherwise known as topics I’m not proud or sober enough to expand upon.

I also had the best chai latte of my life at Soho near Dupont. Jesus.


My Christmas List (PG-13 to XXX only)

December 3, 2008

Firstly, here are some items I highly recommend:

Bondage tape: It’s so colorful and although green is suspiciously elusive, redredtape2 and white can be combined for a candy cane effect that can turn anyone into a neatly tied package. I guess Christmas themed condoms will do the trick if you need to match. (Around $7 to $12)

Chocolate Whipped Cream: Sure it’s kind of cliche but have you tasted the chocolate? ($3 – $5)

Body Paint: I prefer the soap kind that washes off in the shower such as the Sesame Street Bubble Bath Finger Paint that way you can wash/paint hair, backs and genitals with no fear of staining, flaking or peeling. ($7 – $9)

And now some things I want:

The Edy “Glam Santa” Corset: I could totally wear this with jeans, right? glamsanta1

Mini Pink Clover Clamps: Probably nothing like the steely traps I’ve encountered but they’re just so damned cute


Lipstick Vibrator: I don’t even masturbate with vibes but I really like toys that think they’re something else ( see: Sex Toy or Household Object Quiz) even so much that I might try em out again- I’ve been trying to get Rae to get one but to no avail.

It’s hard not to get greedy with all these splendid things around…and on sale.


Erotic Holiday Gift Ideas

December 2, 2008

Only 22 more days, people! Time to scramble for something fun, colorful and sexy? You could settle with a Rabbit or fuzzy handcuffs but  I suggest using these erotic gift lists to get you brainstorming.

Top Five Sexy Holiday Gift Ideas   Range: $50 – $800, Source: The Examiner 

This is a very nice list if you have the money for it. All the items are very interesting, the custom paddles caught my eye – I mean who wouldn’t want their name or special message spanked onto their partner’s ass?!

5 Super Sexy Gift Ideas Range: $25 – $130, Source: Your Tango

The list fits my budget a bit better and has some fun-inducing toys. I’m somewhere between the Mini Mile High Kit and the Cheekies undies. Hmmm. 

Erotic Coffee Table Books Range: $25 – $50, Source:

I guess this is good if you’re a sexy book nerd like me. You’ll find that books like this will be browsed through by every guest and followed up with “This is interesting…” and “Wow”

Luxury Sex Toy Gifts for the Holidays Range: $60 – $280, Source:

I guarantee there’s at least one item on this list that you’ve never seen before. If it’s not the the Tuyo vibrating orb then it might be the prostate melting Rude Boy or Designer Silver Wrist Cuffs. These seem like the kind of gifts that would make for an unforgettable Christmas.

Naughty But Nice Gift Ideas: Range: ($1.99 – $60:, Source:

This one is more generic, more PG-13 but I like some of the items as potential stocking stuffers for more vanilla friends.

If I find any other nifty lists, I’ll be sure to add them.


I also get tons of emails about holiday sales and such:

Extreme Restraints: 25% off EVERYTHING – 20% at checkout and 5% rebate for the next purchase (maybe Valentine’s Day?). Good through the 16th. Code: xmas08

EdenFantasys, Boys Like Sex Toys Too : 20% off select toys for him. Good through the 4th so hurry up!! Code:GIFTFORHIM.

Adam and Eve: 50% off one item. No expiration date as far as I can tell. Code: blue