Sex on a budget

January 14, 2009

Recently purchased a box of 50 condoms from Condomdepot.com.  At $17.50, they’re the same price as the 24-pack at the drugstore.

I ordered the Durex Extra Sensatives, and was pleased with the free, fast shipping.  And they come in a plain brown box, which is more discrete than I’ll ever be.

Once you order from them, they’ll send email coupons, including a Valentine’s Day coupon.  Fun, responsible, and wallet-friendly accessories like these are always a good idea.

One comment

  1. That’s dammned good to know because my oral contraceptive just went from $5 a pack to $30 a pack.
    I’m getting royally screwed here from some crazy birth control refinancing shit.


    PS I missed you!

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