Inauguration weekend in DC

January 18, 2009

Many thanks to Mlle. Nottibits for the free tickets to the Green Ball last night!  BF couldn’t come so I brought a ravishing lady friend instead.

She wasn’t on the list so we were prepared to trade sexual favors to get in.  But Arm Candy looked great, her boobs were on display, and she really did a bang-up job of talking her way in.  No favors necessary.

Lots of beautiful women there, and some alkies too.  Interesting mix of young and old.

We hung out with a couple gentlemen we met and took advantage of the open bar.  Am now Facebook friends with one of them and am hoping he will send a picture!

The hip-pop opening act was a bit flat, mostly because the crowd was really white.  The older people seemed unimpressed.

But Wyclef Jean performed at the end of the night and was AMAZING.  He immediately reminded me of Marvin Gaye: shirtless, sweaty, talented, and really fucking sexy.  I would’ve done him right there.

I suspect I’m not the only one.  All the younger people pressed up toward the stage, and the women seemed particularly enthralled.

It was also fun to watch guys grope their dates as if there wasn’t 200 people next to them.  But if BF had come, I would have wanted to be groped too.

We also watched this lady grind her ass against her SO, and Arm Candy figured they’d go home and have riotous sex after the ball.    All in all, Arm Candy and I were delightfully tipsy and had a splendid time.

BTW, PostSecret today had a funny/sexy postcard featuring the Obamas.  Happy long weekend and good luck getting around!

One comment

  1. So then you and Arm Candy drunkenly did it in the bathrooms?

    No? Oh well, I can dream… 😉

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