You can’t always get what you want

January 21, 2009

But it’s delicious when you do.

Everyone likes a little transgression.  Rules are more fun when you can break them.

I spent Thanksgiving weekend with BF’s family in another state.  He told me beforehand to expect a dry spell in his mother’s house.  He shares his room with his younger brother when they’re both home, as was the case for the holidays.

So for propriety’s sake, I wasn’t supposed to seduce him.  Fair enough.  I packed 2 Durexes anyway.  Always be prepared, eh?

New England is lovely and his mother was lovely.  After cruising the coastline Friday, we had an hour to kill before dinner with his friends.  We were in his bed and he was grumbling about lack of prophylactics.

Of course, I volunteered mine.  He fetched my purse, asked his brother not to come in, and hung the purse on the door.

His brothers had hung pictures of his high school girlfriend on his wall, just for my arrival.  But more surreal was the dinosaur bedding.  I pulled a dino sheet over us just in case our quickie wasn’t quick enough.

I had the sensation that this apparently is what I missed out on in high school.

Fortunately his mother did not come home, because she’s super nice and it’s a small house.  That would be awkward.  We chatted briefly with his brothers, then drove off.  As we backed out of the driveway, I looked in the mirror and realized my hair was a mess.  Oops.

And Saturday evening, we arrived home late after watching Christmas videos at another friend’s house.

We curled up on the mattress his mom had set up for me downstairs.  He was feeling pretty good, so he pulled me into the bathroom and propped me up against the sink, then against the wall.

The shower light cast a hazy brown glow through the curtain.  And the nice thing about fucking while standing is it’s a lot easier to kiss.

I hope his dog didn’t spill the contents of that trash can onto the floor, as she often does.

One comment

  1. Naughty, naughty.

    Luckily the thrill of getting caught wasn’t obscured by actually getting caught which I have to say is usually the case. Thank god.

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