Tyra and Bisexuality and and TWINS and I LOVE YOU TWO

January 24, 2009

With the weather being just a bit unbearable lately, I’ve found myself watching Tyra during my lunch406px-fendi06 break during the week. Frankly, the woman drives me insane with some of the most superficial approaches to …well, just about everything. However, her tacky, ignorant comments stand in stark contrast to some of the pertinent, weighty issues she addresses on her show.

This past week seemed to have a trend in homo- and bisexuality – yesterday it was bisexuality and whether it’s real or bogus. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Andy Dick made an appearance (as well as a not so subtle shameless plug for some VH1 show) along with three pairs of identical twins*, and the group attempted to reach a conclusion on what constitutes bisexuality. Now, Andy Dick relating himself to King Kong, while hilarious, was completely irrelevant. But then they got to the twins…which in a way had some relevance to scientific study and the supposed “bi” gene (???) and Tyra completely butchered the interviews by first insinuating that the bi individuals were gay and then goading her audience to think the same. Lord have sweet mercy, I just wanted to end her.

But for all the ending of her that I craved, I started to understand the issue when Dr. Drew expanded on the complexities involved with defining bisexuality. He has found that indeed some people do use bisexuality to graduate into homosexuality and some are just experimenting and for all the spaces in between there is a huge spectrum in the types of bisexuals there are. I guess that’s really what Tyra was getting at if not in the least tactful way imaginable. ANYwho. I can’t stay mad at her – that spectrum does make it tough for Tyra to get a clear understand ing of bi peoples. Indeed that spectrum is the reason most bisexuals I know choose not to be labeled, not because they’re hipster-indie trash in denial but because the word “bi” just doesn’t cut it. I always have to give a disclaimer when I use it – Yes, I’m bi but I generally prefer women and don’t pursue guys – sexually I’m all about women, men are kind of like a fetish, they’re great for BDSM and blah blah blah. M and I had a terribly rough start because of this.

So, what’s to be learned from this episode of Tyra? When people say they’re bi, try not to judge them – in fact no back talk is necessary for such a statement – because, unless you’re Dr Drew, chances are you don’t know their sexuality better than them.

*One pair was the Ikki twins of Double Shot at Love fame. Do not watch this show. Not ever. I don’t care who you are, you will lose respect for women, men, bisexuals, MTV, and yourself by watching this show. I have 😦

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