Babymaking Music

January 29, 2009

Which tunes put you in the mood?

Buddy Guy’s album Sweet Tea is some sexy-ass blues.  The first time BF played it for me I had to leave the room.  I thought I would cum on the sidewalk as I raced home.

I also have a weird sexy association with Feist.  This is largely due to a one-night stand in which the gentleman du jour asked if I liked Feist as he invited me to bed.  I hadn’t really heard of her before then.

Prince’s voice oozes sex in an androgynous way.  Marvin Gaye and Al Greene?  mmmmmmm.

BF wouldn’t mind fucking Shirley Manson of Garbage, in the way where you’d cry or spontaneously combust after she was done with you.

But I get the sense white artists are not as sexualized as are black artists.  Unsurprising in the larger context of historical U.S. racial archetypes.  Or am I just projecting/a racist bastard?

Nottibits, can you create a poll?  Maybe Voices I’d Like to Fuck, or a little survey of the sexiest musical genres.

Also, as I finally caught up on Mlle. Nottibits’s back posts, I’d like to say C cups are my favorite.  My B cups are all right, and won’t sag in 20 years, but C cups seem way more feminine and fun.

On deck – got any Valentine’s Day plans?  Good night and happy belated hump day!


  1. The Kills = I said shut up and get over here
    T. Rex = yay fun woot kitchen floor or in the car
    Neko Case = easy sunday afternoon
    Pixies’ doolittle = drunk and high
    Otis Reading = my GF is leaving for 6 months
    Al Green = a total cliche, but for good reason
    Fleetwood Mac – just cuz they’re amazing

  2. PS – valentine’s day was a giant oyster tasting menu and 2 bottles of white. I think we listened to the new Black Lips album which would go above as a combo of T.rex and the Pixies

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