Moving on –

February 19, 2009


To bigger and better things I’m sure. Moving in with M is a dream – I’ve been daydreaming about the casual and spontaneous sex we’re going to have for about a week now. We haven’t gotten long term time with each other since we first started dating …before college, back in high school days and I’m a little desperate for some one-on-one time. Sure, fucking on a deadline is fun and adventurous, but I’m ready for the more regular  stuff again. And yet…I will sorely miss all my kinky friends and events while I move a whopping forty minutes away for the next few months but I know it’s for the best! Or at least I hope so. Although I will be with my best friend who happens to fuck my brains out pretty decently, I will be away from the co authors of this blog, my favorite sex stores, Friday nights at Bound, and my kinky friends. Good grief.


Now, what to do with that delayed stimulus I got this year in my refund…

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