I need to meet some vanilla guys with ponytails…Obviously

February 25, 2009

When it comes to the fetish world, I know I can’t judge anyone based on their outside appearance – I think it works most of the time when there’s a leash and collar involved but otherwise I’m just screwed. When I meet new people in the typical places,  I try to gauge them from some conversation usually to no avail (one friend just asks “what side of the coin are you on”, I envy his brazenness). Where am I going with this…

From the male subs I personally know, I’ve created a stereotype for just about all really tall, slim guys with ponytails.  It’s bad, it’s gotten so bad that now I see these types out and about and think they all have secretly longings to be caged or beaten or otherwise humiliated.  There’s one guy with a trench coat (of course he has a trench coat..) I see near my workplace and the thought of him quietly polishing my boots in a corner fills my heart with joy and spreads a mischievous grin across my face. Really, I should know better but friends like Lou (pictured below) just make it all that much harder for me to see these long haired guys as anything but submissives* Besides, racial stereotypes are sooooo last year, sexual lifestyle ones are all the rage especially as kink is getting extra popular these days.  And there are certainly worse stereotypes out there, yes?


I’ll try to stop myself from thinking, daydreaming, fantasizing such things about the trench coated guy, god I hate to be so narrow-minded as to stereotype within the BDSM community.

*But, for the record, EVERY SINGLE GUY I know with long hair is a kinky motherfucker, no lie

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