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Can’t Be Undone

September 20, 2009

I’m away from everything I know and love – sometimes I sit around and think how amazing the opportunity to work abroad is and how lucky I am. But other times…right about now actually, I’m wondering why the fuck I abandonned my greatest sources of sexual satisfaction – my bf, play partners, and toy box – just to be where I am now. I’m horny and frustrated.

So what is the title about? I’ve met a guy here with whom I get along swimmingly and have great chemistry but who has told me flat out that he has no kinks and a pretty low sex drive. Upon hearing this, I kind of cringed but decided not to be shallow and give some fooling around a go.

It’s tough to deny that the sensations from physical intimacy with someone for the first time are lovely. New skin on skin contact feels warm and tingly and exciting. I mean, generally we all have similar bits but exploring someone’s body for the first time is just so novel in its awkwardness. I think it was my neophilia that really made the experience a pleasant one because the following romps were about as fruitless (for me) as they could have been.

After a few attempts at an orgasm last night with said someone, I woke up this morning so desperate to come and downright angry that I couldn’t with this guy. The real issue though is that it’s not like he didn’t care or didn’t try…the regular run of the bases just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I wanted so much for all the other great aspects of our relationship to guarantee sexual compatibility but it didn’t..not for all my directing or his dedication. Anyway, I don’t think kink can be undone. Frankly, the only reason I’d want it to be now is so I can get some relief during my time here.

Here’s a picture I like: