I want it all

October 12, 2009

I’m in a sticky situation…it’s better than where I was but more complicated now.

M made it to me, he works an hour away and when we get together the sex is fantastic. He directs and controls and holds me when it’s needed then he holds me and kisses my forehead playfully other times. He loves me so much and I know that he flew half way around the world to be with me.

Just before he got here, though, I made a close friend with whom I get along better than even the last guy. He’s introverted and sarcastic and interesting and, worse, he’s kinky. Being an introvert and non-scene type, it’s refreshing to meet similar types as we tend to keep to ourselves. Isn’t it already a small miracle to meet someone you click with? When you both exclaim that “I like that too!!” and “I can’t believe you know about..!!” For me, when that discovery of kink happens occurs naturally in a conversation I immediately fall into lust. That feeling is overwhelming and has a scary kind of permanence in my life; it creates a bond with the person that never really goes away..thank god it’s only happened about twice, well, now thrice. So, I’m tempted to explore this budding relationship but I should dedicate those efforts to M, who needs my support and love here.

While I’m sure I can maintain relationships with both openly, I know that engaging the new guy could create some conflict in the future. I just don’t see it going anywhere positive. And can I really complain about just sticking with M? He need barely to touch me to draw out intense orgasms; the ends of our sessions usually have me begging him to stop forcing me to orgasm over and over. The immense control he has over me sexually gives way to constant doting and concern outside the bedroom. Still…I want to know what I’m missing. I’m just being greedy, I think. Maybe.


I love this strip tease. It’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.

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