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Catch Up

August 13, 2009

It’s been forever since I posted and I’m content to get started up again now. I’m pretty sure I’m going to load up future posts with quotes, sexy photos I love and news until I get back into the swing of things.

Quote: “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” – Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein

Sexy photo:

Part of me can’t enjoy this photo because I see that she’s using some oil for cooking those sausages – while I accept the euphemism, I worry for the impending vegetable oil burns.

As for news, there’s been a ton since I last posted yet I can only recall an (old-ish) episode of Oprah earlier this week where she addressed female masturbation with Dr Laura Berman. A mother called in concerned for her four year old daughter who had begun masturbating and was breathing heavily and had a fast heart rate while doing so. Maybe not so much concerned…the woman seemed absolutely terrified. Dr. Laura light heartedly responded that the child was simply self-soothing, coming to orgasm and to let her be unless the masturbation was done to excess. I was already impressed but then the doctor went on to say that the lesson on masturbation moderation was a perfect time to talk about how the girl’s genitalia should be special to her and should be kept private (but aren’t dirty in any way)  AND to come to the mother if anyone touched them.

This is the quality of information that will stay in my head forever. Oh, Dr. Laura, how I aspire to your wisdom and open-minded philosophies!

I hope that’s good enough for now.


Babymaking Music

January 29, 2009

Which tunes put you in the mood?

Buddy Guy’s album Sweet Tea is some sexy-ass blues.  The first time BF played it for me I had to leave the room.  I thought I would cum on the sidewalk as I raced home.

I also have a weird sexy association with Feist.  This is largely due to a one-night stand in which the gentleman du jour asked if I liked Feist as he invited me to bed.  I hadn’t really heard of her before then.

Prince’s voice oozes sex in an androgynous way.  Marvin Gaye and Al Greene?  mmmmmmm.

BF wouldn’t mind fucking Shirley Manson of Garbage, in the way where you’d cry or spontaneously combust after she was done with you.

But I get the sense white artists are not as sexualized as are black artists.  Unsurprising in the larger context of historical U.S. racial archetypes.  Or am I just projecting/a racist bastard?

Nottibits, can you create a poll?  Maybe Voices I’d Like to Fuck, or a little survey of the sexiest musical genres.

Also, as I finally caught up on Mlle. Nottibits’s back posts, I’d like to say C cups are my favorite.  My B cups are all right, and won’t sag in 20 years, but C cups seem way more feminine and fun.

On deck – got any Valentine’s Day plans?  Good night and happy belated hump day!


Tyra and Bisexuality and and TWINS and I LOVE YOU TWO

January 24, 2009

With the weather being just a bit unbearable lately, I’ve found myself watching Tyra during my lunch406px-fendi06 break during the week. Frankly, the woman drives me insane with some of the most superficial approaches to …well, just about everything. However, her tacky, ignorant comments stand in stark contrast to some of the pertinent, weighty issues she addresses on her show.

This past week seemed to have a trend in homo- and bisexuality – yesterday it was bisexuality and whether it’s real or bogus. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Andy Dick made an appearance (as well as a not so subtle shameless plug for some VH1 show) along with three pairs of identical twins*, and the group attempted to reach a conclusion on what constitutes bisexuality. Now, Andy Dick relating himself to King Kong, while hilarious, was completely irrelevant. But then they got to the twins…which in a way had some relevance to scientific study and the supposed “bi” gene (???) and Tyra completely butchered the interviews by first insinuating that the bi individuals were gay and then goading her audience to think the same. Lord have sweet mercy, I just wanted to end her.

But for all the ending of her that I craved, I started to understand the issue when Dr. Drew expanded on the complexities involved with defining bisexuality. He has found that indeed some people do use bisexuality to graduate into homosexuality and some are just experimenting and for all the spaces in between there is a huge spectrum in the types of bisexuals there are. I guess that’s really what Tyra was getting at if not in the least tactful way imaginable. ANYwho. I can’t stay mad at her – that spectrum does make it tough for Tyra to get a clear understand ing of bi peoples. Indeed that spectrum is the reason most bisexuals I know choose not to be labeled, not because they’re hipster-indie trash in denial but because the word “bi” just doesn’t cut it. I always have to give a disclaimer when I use it – Yes, I’m bi but I generally prefer women and don’t pursue guys – sexually I’m all about women, men are kind of like a fetish, they’re great for BDSM and blah blah blah. M and I had a terribly rough start because of this.

So, what’s to be learned from this episode of Tyra? When people say they’re bi, try not to judge them – in fact no back talk is necessary for such a statement – because, unless you’re Dr Drew, chances are you don’t know their sexuality better than them.

*One pair was the Ikki twins of Double Shot at Love fame. Do not watch this show. Not ever. I don’t care who you are, you will lose respect for women, men, bisexuals, MTV, and yourself by watching this show. I have 😦


Christmas Light Bondage Part II

January 8, 2009

With a little bit of digging I found that lots of people have gone out and taken some nice Christmas light bondage photos.

There were lots out there of arguably raunchier scenes (Santa has no place here) but these five were my favorites.

Vania_bRachel Sian




Also, where are all the guys bound in Christmas lights photos? Am I asking too much?


Sex News + Poll: What’s normal anymore?!

October 29, 2008

I noticed that the filters picked up a lot of stats for the past couple weeks so I thought this theme would be “one in  three/four/five”

One in Five Brits think monogamy isn’t sexy, one in three think it’s not natural

One in Five Teens aren’t getting the sex talk

One in Five Married men have had extra marital affairs during their marriage

One in Five Teens have been victims of dating abuse

One in Three Brits have knocked boots at work, lots of other stats, too

One in Four American Teens have an STD

Man those Brits have their stats together.

Annnnnd Smoke A Poll Wednesday Means:


I <3 Moral Orel

September 23, 2008

Moral Orel is a more genius show than the ratings might lead you to believe. If you haven’t heard of it, Morel Orel’s a claymation show that makes its way to Adult Swim on Cartoon Network from time to time. Really every episode follows a pretty funny template:

The main character, Orel, in his attempts to strictly follow the Christian guidelines doled out by his minister or some other figure, takes the advice too far and ends up turning the whole town of Moralton upside-down with his antics.

Simple enough but the show is surprising adult themed – in one episode, Orel impregnates near all the

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

women of Moralton because his minister told him that all sperm must go to creating babies. Instead of not masturbating, Orel sneaks into the women’s rooms at night and donates his sperm to baby-making causes. In another episode, Orel drinks his own urine to avoid being wasteful and in yet another his father tells Orel to be mature by acting like grown-ups in Moralton, so Orel starts drinking and beating up women. Hilarious.

My new favorite episode, entitled “Offensiveness”, follows a woman who protests everything even remotely sinful (books and movies) and Orel of course joins her. Orel eventually finds that since eggs come between a chicken’s legs, they must be sinful as they come from a naughty place and he gets the whole town to ban eggs. The lady protester is crestfallen as eggs were her one source of pleasure…she goes so far as to attend a sort of underground meeting where people can illegally eat eggs and watch hens lay them. I think the final scene is her in a dark booth crying and eating her eggs in shame.

It’s not really the kind of show you laugh out loud for but it’s fun to think about. It reminds me of the Arrested Development episode on lessons where the father went to extreme lengths to teach lessons on seemingly trivial matters, blowing them severely out of proportion. And Moral Orel is probably the most sexually themed show on Adult Swim (cartoon network?), the Dickesode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force doesn’t count.


Sexy movies > Porn

September 9, 2008

 I just saw Quills in its entirety today and I don’t if it was Kate Winslet’s



bursting bosom, Joaquin Phoenix as the smoking priest or the erotic nature of the whole movie but that movie left me very much hot and bothered. So much so that upon cumming, my teeth went numb for a few seconds…that’s never happened before. Hot damn.

I think that this reflects on my selective sexual stimuli because Lord knows I watch a lot of porn without such impactful results. The end result orf watching hardcore porn is usually a sketch or a few laughs. I do appreciate a bit of dialogue in porn but that’s just to humor myself. Movies, better yet films, with steamy but usually softcore sex scenes get me going a lot faster – I mean have you seen Secretary? Jesus. I even have better luck with erotica than porn these days which I think means that I appreciate romance and empathize with characters going through the motions instead of just going for it….which I think makes me the typical lady, actually. Maybe my tastes are on the kinky side but ultimately the quick fuck takes a back seat to some killer foreplay and dirty talk.

Oh so steamy

Oh so steamy

I need some more sexy movies – I mean, what else am I going to do with my free time?