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Everybody Does What Now?

July 23, 2008

Not sex and I wouldn’t pressure anyone to “do it” really.

Feel free to do whatever...obviously

Feel free to do whatever...obviously

I hope that this blog reflects the nature of a wide variety of sexual lifestyles some of which don’t include a partner at all. Not to go too much into it but sexual thoughts, porn, and the good ol’ self serve method were all a part of my life way before I started having sex and will continue to be even with significant others in tow.


I was drawn to the title of this particular article, “No Sex Please, We’re Vampires” that discusses a romance novel that isn’t overtly sexual (heaven forbid) and explores the importance of supporting a chaste lifestyle before marriage while encouraging discussion about sex. I couldn’t be happier with this message; my Catholic education made the subject of sex and all its dangling, juicy details such a mystery that I had to look to the internet for answers. And anyone who’s ever seen goatse, tubgirl, lemonparty or shitting dick nipples knows that this was far from the correct method. Eventually I found solid, reputable sources but an open discussion as a young person would have done much more than webmd could.


I can’t think of a decent conclusion for this except that what “Everyone Does” is think about sex in some way a good deal of the time (it’s in our biology right?). So, to talk about it in all the ways there are is natural and I plan on doin’ it.