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Crazy, Sexy Weekend, Part 2: Lingerie Fashion Show, Ultrabar, I Won!

September 28, 2008

I did win the game of life yesterday.

BF, M, brought his current flirt friend, AJ, to spend the evening with us doing all sorts of lovely things. Since Aj had never been to DC, I felt I had to be just the perfect hostess to make sure the night was filled with all kinds of entertainment. I had never met her before yesterday and knew little more than the fact that she’s incredibly submissive and a huge flirt; both proved to be astoundingly true. I was taken aback upon seeing her – she was just absolutely gorgeous, something of a modern Venus with that irresistible coquettish charm. I was just as happy to see M whom I hadn’t seen in over a month. We kissed and prepared for the first event of the evening.

Dinner & A Show: Our plan to see Choke fell through but we instead took a long leisurely dinner at Rock Bottom. Keeping conversation flowing showed some difficulty at first but soon we all were laughing and carrying on about the regular chit chat type stuff that inevitably turned sexual. AJ soon warmed up to me, skimming her fingers on my skin. Just lovely. We left for the fashion show at Night Dreams holding hands and grabbing waists. Once there, AJ soon found some shoes she just HAD to have and wear before the show began. We stopped by the lil BDSM corner of the store – I saw the cutest pair of fluffy thumbcuffs and picked up a black pair to buy at the end of the show….HOWEVER there was a raffle, the very first draw turned out to be my ticket and the prize? Pink, fluffy thumbcuffs. I freaked out. I never win anything but tonight was obviously my night. The show went on, a parade of elegant lingerie on very enthusiastic models. AJ danced to the music and turned nearly head in the place. We just had to go clubbing now.

Ultrabar. Donned in our sexiest clubwear – short black dresses for AJ and I and a button down and jeans for M – we made our way to Ultrabar, fondling, kissing, and hickeying all the way. We got there and saw we had a long line to endure but, with a more than adequate amount of kissing and caressing, the time just flew by. M was on quite a dominant streak, often taking AJ’s neck into his hand and sucking on it while she squirmed and groaned. He even felt so bold as to give me a formal spanking in public. I’m sure having two gorgeous ladies as dates had his ego through the roof. We got in and danced and danced – together, apart, with others, on stages. It was on one stage that we met a beautiful young woman who expressed her joy in seeing other bi women at a straight club. AJ and I took turns dancing with her then kept her between us unabashedly exploring her body to the music. We got her number and moved on. M spent a good deal of the night defending us from unwanted guy gropers. As AJ and I kissed M then each other, a young man stopped M and told him that M is his hero. lol! M and I took a seat and kept each other company while AJ danced her feet to ruin. We eventually left, practically passing out the metro, AJ was sore all over from her shoes and could barely walk; when we got back to the house, M and I took a quick shower and resolved to give AJ a full body massage:

The Rest of the Night. Aj passed out on my futon and M immediately went to work on her feet and ankles. She sighed relieved when I took to her arms and hands. Massaged parts were covered with rough kisses and bites. AJ took very well to choking and M was happy to indulge her. The touches became more aggressive – the cuffs made a predictable appearance along with my star glass dildo. I think she loved it just as much as I do. M talked her through a number of very precisely controlled orgasms and we worked to make sure it came when he wanted. We found that even with a little spanking and the paddle, AJ still squirmed and bucked hard against the dildo (imagine that!) M and I enjoyed each other throughout with the whole session ending with me cowgirl style, AJ’s body spilt over M’s chest with the dildo still in her and M with both of us in his arms – we managed to all cum at the same time. 6AM. We all went to bed completely spent.

So now I’m making pancakes (poorly) and thinking how incredibly awesome this weekend is and it’s not even over yet 😉


Accidental Autoerotic Asphyxiation?

September 13, 2008

I woke up particularly horny this morning which was really just inconvenient because I have things to do today. So, I went for the quick orgasm to start the day – the glass juicer was the weapon of choice. But apparently not knowing my own high desire to cum, the orgasm came so fast that it practically assaulted my body. And, when I cum that fast the WORST thing happens, I hold my breath through the orgasm and get a monstrous if not short-lived headache from the oxygen deprivation. The pain is equivalent to a brain freeze x 5.

I thought I had gotten over this! With some years of coaxing, my bf has gotten me to breathe slowly while climaxing to avoid the headache. And’s definitely more intense when I hold my breath. I always thought that the choking I love so much during sex had to do with everything but the lack of air but now I’m not so sure.

I mean, I hear/read of men dying from asphyxia (between 250 and 1000 in the US every year) but not so much women, why on earth is that? And why does it feel so damn good? I’ve found on the oh-so-reliable interweb that it could be due to past sexual experiences that involved choking or because of a light-headed feeling or a submissive tendency. I’m waiting for the real science on this or a science like book of sorts.

I do happen to know a lot of ladies who like to be choked during sex (and who lead otherwise pretty vanilla sex lives) but no one that gets horrid headaches I’m privy to.