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My Christmas List (PG-13 to XXX only)

December 3, 2008

Firstly, here are some items I highly recommend:

Bondage tape: It’s so colorful and although green is suspiciously elusive, redredtape2 and white can be combined for a candy cane effect that can turn anyone into a neatly tied package. I guess Christmas themed condoms will do the trick if you need to match. (Around $7 to $12)

Chocolate Whipped Cream: Sure it’s kind of cliche but have you tasted the chocolate? ($3 – $5)

Body Paint: I prefer the soap kind that washes off in the shower such as the Sesame Street Bubble Bath Finger Paint that way you can wash/paint hair, backs and genitals with no fear of staining, flaking or peeling. ($7 – $9)

And now some things I want:

The Edy “Glam Santa” Corset: I could totally wear this with jeans, right? glamsanta1

Mini Pink Clover Clamps: Probably nothing like the steely traps I’ve encountered but they’re just so damned cute


Lipstick Vibrator: I don’t even masturbate with vibes but I really like toys that think they’re something else ( see: Sex Toy or Household Object Quiz) even so much that I might try em out again- I’ve been trying to get Rae to get one but to no avail.

It’s hard not to get greedy with all these splendid things around…and on sale.