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The Gift of Tolerance

December 28, 2008

I have one of these Chrismas-hating types as an SO. No lights, no presents, no joyful wishings, no visits to any retail locations between Thanksgiving and January 2. I love Christmas to death. So, after five years of secretly dreading this time of year, M and I finally came to a reasonable compromise.

The only gifts we would exchange would be items to enhance epic Christmas Eve sex…or even love-making to reflect the joyful and often generous nature of the season. I think I got a good bargain, too – even though M says he will never indulge in Santa roleplay (we’ll see…), I get to listen to as much Christmas music as I want (except for Christmas shoes) before, during and after the epic sex. Oh, and there will be equally epic pancakes the next morning.

Mmm, Christmas pancakes.


Light Bondage Photos – Probably NSFW…

December 18, 2008

And some photos I took to supplement the review of my newest paddle – no raunchy ones but I’m surprised that I don’t see more photos like this; Christmas lights really lend themselves to some pretty magical looking images…


Lite Bondage

Lite Bondage - Had to hold them up with clothespins! Awesome.

If you look real close you can read the XOXO

If you look real close you can read the XOXO

I managed to get a good pic of the goosebumps. Neato.

I managed to get a good pic of the goosebumps. Neato.

Happy Holidays indeed.

P.S. Christmas lights do NOT make great bondage tools – they heat up really quickly (not in the good way) and I wouldn’t trust a knot to em either..


Erotic Holiday Gift Ideas

December 2, 2008

Only 22 more days, people! Time to scramble for something fun, colorful and sexy? You could settle with a Rabbit or fuzzy handcuffs but  I suggest using these erotic gift lists to get you brainstorming.

Top Five Sexy Holiday Gift Ideas   Range: $50 – $800, Source: The Examiner 

This is a very nice list if you have the money for it. All the items are very interesting, the custom paddles caught my eye – I mean who wouldn’t want their name or special message spanked onto their partner’s ass?!

5 Super Sexy Gift Ideas Range: $25 – $130, Source: Your Tango

The list fits my budget a bit better and has some fun-inducing toys. I’m somewhere between the Mini Mile High Kit and the Cheekies undies. Hmmm. 

Erotic Coffee Table Books Range: $25 – $50, Source:

I guess this is good if you’re a sexy book nerd like me. You’ll find that books like this will be browsed through by every guest and followed up with “This is interesting…” and “Wow”

Luxury Sex Toy Gifts for the Holidays Range: $60 – $280, Source:

I guarantee there’s at least one item on this list that you’ve never seen before. If it’s not the the Tuyo vibrating orb then it might be the prostate melting Rude Boy or Designer Silver Wrist Cuffs. These seem like the kind of gifts that would make for an unforgettable Christmas.

Naughty But Nice Gift Ideas: Range: ($1.99 – $60:, Source:

This one is more generic, more PG-13 but I like some of the items as potential stocking stuffers for more vanilla friends.

If I find any other nifty lists, I’ll be sure to add them.


I also get tons of emails about holiday sales and such:

Extreme Restraints: 25% off EVERYTHING – 20% at checkout and 5% rebate for the next purchase (maybe Valentine’s Day?). Good through the 16th. Code: xmas08

EdenFantasys, Boys Like Sex Toys Too : 20% off select toys for him. Good through the 4th so hurry up!! Code:GIFTFORHIM.

Adam and Eve: 50% off one item. No expiration date as far as I can tell. Code: blue