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Oh College Life

September 23, 2008

Having been a player at college, I always managed to snag some hot ones out of the incoming classes. This one in particular is tall, lean and has anime hair. You know what anime hair is – all the androgynously drawn Japanese heroes have it. It’s long and straight, sticks out in fun, sexy ways and it’s easy to grip.

So I was back in my college town for a party, where we run into each other again and catch up a little bit. With the prospect of continuing into the evening drinking aristocrat out of giant orange Gatorade coolers marked ‘Gin Bucket’ and ‘Fruit Punch’, I turn and say “Let’s go to your place and fuck.” Incidentally, my friend had already called a cab with that in mind. It pulled up behind the ambulance that was there for the guy who cut open his leg on a broken bottle – I hear that stitches were needed.

So about this little relationship from years prior – I am always the supremely dominant one. And it’s hot. But back in the dorm room, I am not taking control. I was finding it hysterical watching the sub try to figure out how to initiate sex. There I was, edge of the bed, shirtless and sweating a little bit, waiting to let the moves be put on me. About ten minutes later, we were finally next to each other laying on the bed and I hear an impatient but nervous, “Do you want to have sex?”

I burst out laughing and then it’s on. My hands rough on his shoulder, I push him backward and throw my weight onto him. We kiss and I scrape down the side of his neck with my fingers. His shirt goes to the floor. I grab his wrists and move his hands up and down my sides, then to my pants. He’s still on his back on the bed, but I send his pants and underwear to the floor. I trust they were something cute, but I didn’t really look. I’m standing up at the edge of the bed and let my clothes drop. Grabbing from under his knees, I swing him around, legs off the bed and spread on either side of me. I lean in, grab his hair to pull him closer, and bite his lip…

He’s moaned and yelped for good twenty or so minutes now, and I’m dripping sweat onto other fluids. With things still cooling off under the towels, we head to the showers of his suite-styled dorm. And some students of the incoming class met their RA’s fuckbuddy.


Guys Gone Wild – What Straight Women Crave (??)

August 3, 2008

Last night my friends ( two girls and a guy) and I decided to watch the original Guys Gone Wild. I didn’t know what to expect; having seen a number of Girls Gone Wild movies I wondered what ultimately dissatisfying softcore teases would await me with regards to college guys. To my amazement, the Guys Gone Wild movie mirrored the Girls version almost EXACTLY:

– Guys bared their chests and asses usually in the shower while soaping up their [flaccid] genitals

– The camerawomen goaded shit-housed, fairly reluctant guys to do whatever they wanted them to with little to no incentive

– Streaking, drunken yells, dancing, drinking, shotty camerawork, “WOOO CANCUN WOOOO” were all ..yeah you get the picture.

The one thing missing however was the homosexual interaction, a near signature part of any GirlsGW movie. So, we waited like fools for men to make out – it got really close at some points – but it never happened. We were briefly entertained by drunken ramblings, half assed meatspin attempts and a handstand but eventually had to look elsewhere for decent entertainment (we later turned to Puppetry of the Penis, porn bloopers and

Maybe I’m not boy crazy or straight enough, but I just can’t imagine any woman getting turned on by these videos. They aren’t particularly insightful, voyeuristic or rare visions, which I think is the idea behind GirlsGW; I know for a fact that most [American] college guys would be willing to show their goods sans alcohol, any incentive whatsoever or shame. It’s also likely that I’m uncomfortable with this kind of objectification of men in porn probably due to the fact that’s it’s tough to come by elsewhere. Men on the other end of leashes, whips, and verbal abuse don’t rub me the wrong way like camerawomen lying to them (oh you’re SO HOT, yum, etc) to get them to strip.

Maybe when I’m older I’ll long for the time frat boys were willing to drunkenly drop trou’ for me. Maybe.

In my heart though I know the Girl’s Gone Wild people made this to diffuse some of the concerns on the company’s objectification/mistreatment/disrespect of women.


Boink: College Sex By the People Having It – I like it!

July 31, 2008

I recently bought about six or seven books that somehow relate to sex and got to read one on my plane from Las Vegas. Boink: College Sex by the People Having It is a series of stories (fiction and nonfiction, I believe) with beautiful illustrations to accompany each story and interludes of gorgeous photography.


The art is enough reason to buy the book – I bought Boink without knowing the content because the colors and photography drew me in. The quality of the photos is just perfect and captures the amateur, light-hearted nature of college sex. Each “interlude” features lesbian, couple and individual scenes; so my one complaint is that there’s no man-on-man action and I went to AU so I know hot, gay sex is the norm in college.


The literary parts of the book cover the gamut of college experiences – some are incredibly insightful and introspective, others frank, and others informative. Threeways, break ups, fantasies, getting sexiled, coming out, roommate troubles and affairs are all covered in great detail by college students (mostly from Boston).


So I bet you’re thinking – why should I buy it when I can just flip through the pics at the bookstore? The answer is that the book makes for a colorful part of any library and is a fun coffee table sort of book; you’ll notice that anyone who comes by your place will pick it out and comment on how interesting it is. Reading the stories aloud (acting out each character and such) is great fun with a group of friends or a significant other. And I’ll admit that a few of the stories got me a little hot and bothered.


I’m also up for taking any recommendations in all sorts of sex books – so if you’re reading this, drop me a link or something!