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Going the distance

March 12, 2009

Kudos to those stalwart individuals like Mlle. Nottibits who can sustain long-distance relationships.

Kudos to those ballsy/idiotic individuals who are ready to tie the knot.  I wish you the best.

Kudos to you who can juggle it all –  families, meaningful career, meaningful hobbies, meaningful relationships, meaningful friendships, etc.

Sorry for the Dan Savage fail.  He was every ounce the delightfully inappropriate pottymouth you would expect.

Dan left 2 distinct impressions on me.

1) You know it’s love when you think his armpits smell fantastic.

2) Monogamy is normal, but it’s not natural.  Most people fuck up and cheat.  Open relationships and threesomes can be a good way to improve an otherwise monogamous relationship.

Commitment.  What’s the rush?

Nottibits – you’re a gem.  Good luck with the move, and have lots of fun and sex and illicit substances.  The District will not be as cool without you.  Let me know when you’re back.  I still owe you a drank, or many.

Good night, and good luck.


Catching up (Dan Savage, More Armpit Sex Stuff, blah blah blah)

February 18, 2009

I can’t believe that it’s been just over a week since I went to a Dan Savage lecture and have yet to post about it. A part of me was waiting for the co-author to sign in but I suppose the Bystander effect took hold and nobody did anything….UNTIL NOW

So Mme Hovary and I went to see the acclaimed and perhap notorious Dan Savage speak at UMCP and get our books signed. In case you didn’t armpitloveknow, Dan Savage is a sex columnist (and author and journalist) who tends to address more…alternative sex questions with a forthrightness and fervor that I often compare to Dr. Phil’s commentary on his show. So, like his column, the lecture was in Q&A format. My question begged to know why the Armpit post of this blog is the most active. He first mentioned how the lack of articles on the armpit fetish drove many readers to the post and then went into the stigma attached to underarms in American culture. Apparently, one of the attractions to the undeodorized armpit include a cocktail of pheremones that can let a partner know what kind of sexual being the armpit owner is.

He also referred to a study (I’m dying to find it now) that found that couples are so attracted to a particular body scent chemistry that altering it with a new deod0rant or frangrance can lead to trouble between them. So, it would seem that there’s a delicate balance between pit pheremones and BO but keeping a healthy, clean lifestyle can ensure that the former gets the attention of a worthy mate.

Good times AND I got my book signed with blessings toward my sexology pursuits. I IMPLORE Mme Hovary to post the quotes from that glorious night.

“Good luck stealing my job”  – Dan Savage

Also, I won a bag of Cheetos for my question on cock rings. KAKOW!