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safety first!

August 30, 2008

The friendly folks at Condomdepot offer a wide variety of condoms, lube, toys, and other fun things.  I’ve ordered from them twice before, in the range of 2000-5000 condoms, on behalf of my beloved campus women’s group.

Jennifer and John there were always very helpful, as were the annual Condom Reviews.  Once I decided to order Durex condoms, the reviews helped me pick out which varieties I wanted.

Both Consumer Reports and the human testers rated Durex Extra Sensitive at or near the top of the condom field.  And hands down, these are the office favorite.  No funny colors or smells, and M. Hovary reports these don’t lessen sensation as much as other condoms do.  They’re also stocked at many major drugstores.

We also tried Durex High Sensation, Her Sensation and the Love condoms.  Durex Love was the 2nd most popular.  They’re pink/red, which is a little strange to me, but otherwise fine.

Durex Her Sensation condoms are blue and smell fruity, which some friends found off-putting while other online reviewers liked it.  The Durex High Sensations were red and smelled like cinnamon chewing gum.

CondomDepot offers regular boxes of condoms, as well as packs of 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000.  I’m considering buying a large box, as this will be more economical than the boxes at the drugstore.

Anyone want to chip in for a box of 250?  It comes out to 20 cents a condom.


Warming vs. Tingling: A Race to the Bottom

August 14, 2008

To escape the predictable banality that comes from family reunions after the fifth day, the bf and I venture to Rite Aid for some entertainment and soothing aloe vera (for his epic sunburn). Having just had a lovely encounter with the Pink brand lube, I make my way to the family planning section to see what other options await me. There are tons!

There are about three shelves of lubes in pretty tubes, boxes, and sampler packs and they all look like colorful toys to me. KY, Durex (play), and Astroglide of course dominated the shelves and upon closer look I notice that all the lubes are one of three types – warming, tingling and regular (we’ll negate massage oils). The bf and I cringed at the sight of this because our history with the former two has been disorienting at best, outright painful at worst:

Warming Lubes:
This is a concept best reserved for massage oils, genitalia- areas that filled with blood when stimulated – generally has no business being “warmed” . Upon the delivery of a handjob using the stuff, no painful shrieks or convulsing was encountered until the lube founds its way into the penis and scrotal region. The bf freaked out and urgently exclaimed “MY DICK IS ON FIRE” And after some diligent scrubbing and therapy, he finally rid himself of the lube. I thought, being somewhat of a masochist, I might enjoy this sensation better – my vulva was never “on fire” but the sensation was not a pleasant one.

Tingling (i.e. Icy) Lubes
This lube had all the effects of toothpaste for me and “tiny, spiny needles” for my bf’s cock. I should have known better: tingling is the word Listerine chose to describe the overwhelming, explosive power of mint in its abominable products. Something about my lady bits smelling like mint just didn’t sit right with either of us and the sensation was enough to completely distract from enjoying any sexual action.

Now, to be fair, this trial was a couple years ago and I have to think some progress has been made on the lubes since then. Maybe with some coaxing and a night when I can plan on not enjoying sex, I’ll try this stuff out again.

Oh and for the people who think they can do without, “I don’t need lube I’m wet enough” or “Lube takes away the friction”, I still recommend its use because lube can create all sorts of feelings meant to enhance your sex life. Especially high quality lubes just can’t be replicated by the human body (I pray) and, for a one night trial, they come in little trial packages or bottles.