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I want it all

October 12, 2009

I’m in a sticky situation…it’s better than where I was but more complicated now.

M made it to me, he works an hour away and when we get together the sex is fantastic. He directs and controls and holds me when it’s needed then he holds me and kisses my forehead playfully other times. He loves me so much and I know that he flew half way around the world to be with me.

Just before he got here, though, I made a close friend with whom I get along better than even the last guy. He’s introverted and sarcastic and interesting and, worse, he’s kinky. Being an introvert and non-scene type, it’s refreshing to meet similar types as we tend to keep to ourselves. Isn’t it already a small miracle to meet someone you click with? When you both exclaim that “I like that too!!” and “I can’t believe you know about..!!” For me, when that discovery of kink happens occurs naturally in a conversation I immediately fall into lust. That feeling is overwhelming and has a scary kind of permanence in my life; it creates a bond with the person that never really goes away..thank god it’s only happened about twice, well, now thrice. So, I’m tempted to explore this budding relationship but I should dedicate those efforts to M, who needs my support and love here.

While I’m sure I can maintain relationships with both openly, I know that engaging the new guy could create some conflict in the future. I just don’t see it going anywhere positive. And can I really complain about just sticking with M? He need barely to touch me to draw out intense orgasms; the ends of our sessions usually have me begging him to stop forcing me to orgasm over and over. The immense control he has over me sexually gives way to constant doting and concern outside the bedroom. Still…I want to know what I’m missing. I’m just being greedy, I think. Maybe.


I love this strip tease. It’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.


Crazy, Sexy Weekend, Part 1: Fetish club, McDonald’s

September 27, 2008

Another crazy ass night that I need to recap just for my own sake.

Pre-Bound: Rae came over (late!) with her line up of shirt and panty options to compliment the rest of her lovely schoolgirl outfit – a very short, very fashionable plaid skirt, white thigh highs, black collar and black, pole climbing boots – we eventually decided on a black lace balcony bra of mine and a cut up tee to complete the ensemble. Having expressed to me a desire to get a bit healthier, I came up with a strict diet to start Wednesday that excludes fried food, soda, and hard cheeses. So, of course, we decided then to make a trip to McDonald’s at the end of the night. We take the metro all the while pontificating on subspace and gaining a bit of attention. I swear Rae strutted the whole way to the place, got us a bit more attention.

Bound: Got there early and got in free (woo hoo!) We must have been pretty smokin for all the compliments we received on our outfits and …generally being two hot ladies all flirty with each other. I recall leaving Rae in the club as I went to powder my nose, a very lovely young woman told me she was jealous of my girlfriend. Ego boost++. Every drink I got was just piled with more cherries due to a generous bartender – the first drink was 4, the second was 8 and the third was 10. I had a great time getting Rae to eat them all on her knees, from my fingers, from between my legs. Fantastic. We made our way to the Tesla’s coil (?) where Rae and I conducted all kinds of electric shocks to her most sensitive areas as well as some photography, some other curious girls’ tits and the very grateful owner of the device. Some song with a decent bass line came on and we danced with two hot, former strippers with a penchant for spanking “fucking gorgeous” asses.

Post Bound: Despite horny drunken guys leering, cat calling and attempting to flirt, Rae and I made a beeline to McDonald’s for yet another feast. Unfortunately, being hot shit we couldn’t be left alone to our flash-fried banquet and two guys who thought themselves to be the only ones in the world who loved two hot women in school girl outfits talked at us for a bit. Yeah, ok. We ate up and left.

Post Post: My favorite part…throughout the night I took to cutting out little X’s made of electrical tape and sticking them all over Rae. Each one represented an infraction just made – readjusting her clothes, making too much noise during some physical pleasure, swearing, forgetting things…etc – and by the end of the night she had 12. I traded each with two paddle stokes to her cute lil ass, for each she squirmed and groaned and squealed. We kissed, undressed and went to bed. There may have been some fooling around.

Morning: But a few hours ago, I woke Rae up so she could run errands but decided a lite spanking would be great to start the day with. I bent her over my sofa and skimmed her thighs with the edge of the paddle, she whimpered so sweetly I just couldn’t bear to use it. Bare hand, bare bottomed spankings; can’t beat em. Afterwards, knowing full well she wasn’t counting I asked how many times I had spanked her. She didn’t know. I ran my fingers over the bright red marks on her ass, got a bit of skin between my fingers…”20!!” she exclaims. lol, Good guess.

Gah I need a nap. Only 6 hours til the bf gets here with his new girlfriend for a movie, sushi, a fashion show and some clubbing. Stay tuned.


Switching & the Derisive, Coquettish Puppet Voice

September 25, 2008
Classic DCPV Pose

Classic DCPV Pose

In case you didn’t know:

Switching is the slash in the D/s relationship. It is being dominant and submissive to varying degrees and tends to get that whole pick-a-damn-side sentiment from the BDSM community. Very similar to that of bisexuality. I happen to enjoy both immensely.

Derisive, Coquettish Puppet Voice is the term my mother’s ex-boyfriend invented to describe the tone that manipulative, passive aggressive little girls use when they want something with just a hint of flirty sexiness. I’m convinced that this tone is exclusive to women and that every woman possesses it.

In a submissive role, I use the DCPV to death. I described the concept to the bf, making fun of my mother, he laughed and said “Oh yeah you do that all the time.” I was hurt but he assured me that it was one of the cuter things I did (when in moderation) unless paired with DCPV’s evil cousin, Derisive Whiny Puppet Voice.

 Dwelling on this further, I found that I generally avoid that higher pitched, girly tone to preserve my normally mature disposition BUT that it comes out with dominants. It doesn’t bother me then cause I’m too busy being a little brat of a harlot, and thankfully the voice doesn’t ever surface under any other circumstances. 

As a switch, I enjoy doing to others all the things I like to be done to me (there’s something deep and meaningful in there somewhere…) and so, of course, when Rae used DCPV last night, I found it totally endearing! I was thinking “Awww look at her trying to get away with something, I know what’s going on here!”

What is this post about? I have no idea. But it was pretty sweet when Rae flashed her tits for her Dom on the metro.


The Abominable Art of the Flirt

August 28, 2008


I hate getting hit on these days. Where’s the romance? The suaveness? The tact? The respect? I feel like of late pick up lines are being hurled at me just as violently and maddeningly as insults.

The honks – I can’t believe people still do this. What exactly is the objective anyway? You get my attention and then what? Unless you plan on pulling over or honking out your phone number via morse code, the honk gets absolutely nothing accomplished except to leave you looking like a jerk. More often than not, the honk will scare me, causing my to jump out of my skin and leave me livid instead of even remotely enamored.

Cat calls and other “calls”: If you have to YELL at me to get my attention, then maybe you’re not in the right mind set to be picking me up at that moment. Better yet, the yells to follow up the previous transgressions; they usually go something like “HEY DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME?!” Those sound like threats to me. One young gent even gave further follow up “Hey I still didn’t get your number”. Yes, why thank you, I didn’t even notice that I didn’t give you my number, my bad. Why not just take the time to walk up to me and talk to me like a human being and not like your disobedient dog.

Third grade tactics – You know this. Someone will come up to me and tell me his friend likes me. Seriously? What’s his problem that he can’t handle the issue himself? Chances are I’ve run into this person and he just awkwardly stared at me while I was busy being hot shit. Grow a pair.

And my readers might think that these high standards would exclude anyone trying to hit on me in this day and age. Not true. Some people still manage to seduce me through a lovely conversation or an innocent compliment. This is proof that my existence on this planet doesn’t entitle anyone to treat me like crap.