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Great Kissers: Crafted by the Single & Double Reed

September 10, 2008

For reasons you could probably guess, I had kissing on my mind recently. I like to think I’ve done quite a bit of it in my time because I just love it so, so much. 


I like all the things that kissing brings to the table – you can certainly tell the dynamic of the rest of the evening with the passion and involvement of a kiss. I happen to how dominant types kiss and they’re probably my favorite – even a single touch of the lips engages the whole body and an intense mixture of anxiety and excitement course through me. I really haven’t switched enough to report on sub kissing, although my experience so far has been pretty nice.


 But on to what this post is really about.


I’m a former band geek – I did ensembles, orchestra, pep band, various


Kissing: Instrumental

band activities, music theory, and marching band and generally spent far too much time in the music rooms. That being said,I was a terrible musician ; I hated practicing and still have problems sight-reading. However, about four years on the bassoon and flute and two on clarinet, I have to think my lip/tongue control was freaking amazingly fantastic. And my sax playing bf very quickly got into the swing of things – I still say he is the most powerful kisser I’ve ever met. Just perfect control, rhythm and diversity.


And having kissed clarinet players as well, I might conclude that this astounding kissing ability is confined to the woodwind section. There are probably some decent kissers in other instrument families but I have yet to encounter any of them – even this one smokin young percussionist lady at Apex ruined a perfectly sexy moment with a sloppy kiss. Should I have expected her to be better with her hands? Yes. Was she? No.


It’s probably wrong of me to assign sexual ability to a musical one. I can’t help it though with my experience being what it has been – I’ll be waiting for you string/percussion/brass/keyboard people to prove yourselves.