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A Night Out – Getting Back to My Gay Roots Kinda

December 13, 2008

It’s been a tumultuous week somewhat. Work has me going like crazy to prepare for a myriad of over-priced, yet exceedingly dull holiday parties and Rae calls it quits on our D/s relationship (we’re still a friend force to be reckoned with!). And yet…everything is ok because I went clubbing last night at a rockin lesbian bar and had a supremely good time.

So, this post is about Hot Guys Making Out, Outrageously Convincing Trannies, and How My Hair Gets the Girls. You will find no content here.

Hot Guys Making Out
– I don’t seek out gay male porn. Not ever. In fact, if a small ad shows up on the screen of other porn, then I scrap the site and move on. But I cannot deny the hotness of watching two guys making out in person. When my friend and I got to The FAB Lounge, the lesbians there were almost like lifeless props for the greater show that was two gorgeous gay young men eating face on the couch across the room. It was the kind of face sucking that seemed drug induced – the passion and force with which these men were tearing at each other was relentless and almost violent. They literally had to stop for me to carry on with the rest of my evening…and carry on I did..

Outrageously Convincing Trannies – I’ve seen my share of HBO specials and I have been to enough fetish events to see my share of what DC has to offer in leather-clad transsexuals. Last night, I met a young man who just blew me away. The hair was perfect, the make up was far beyond my ability and the fashion was hot and on point. He was totally friendly and all about my dancing skills. I recall doing a few of those up-down scans of him when he sauntered by; the lady friend who went with me to the club and I both expressed our jealousy and utter perplextion for what might be attraction to this person. Hm.

How My Hair Gets the Girls – I have an afro and it is large. When men see me they call me Macy Gray and smile and wink and walk away. When women see me, they HAVE to touch it and ask about it. And before I know it, I’m dancing and I get the odd “your hair is gorgeous” or “I’ve never seen hair like that” whispered into my ear followed by some very R rated dancing that makes me blush and giggle sheepishly just to recall.

There was also extreme Drinking, Groping and Drunk Dialing, otherwise known as topics I’m not proud or sober enough to expand upon.

I also had the best chai latte of my life at Soho near Dupont. Jesus.


Great Kissers: Crafted by the Single & Double Reed

September 10, 2008

For reasons you could probably guess, I had kissing on my mind recently. I like to think I’ve done quite a bit of it in my time because I just love it so, so much. 


I like all the things that kissing brings to the table – you can certainly tell the dynamic of the rest of the evening with the passion and involvement of a kiss. I happen to how dominant types kiss and they’re probably my favorite – even a single touch of the lips engages the whole body and an intense mixture of anxiety and excitement course through me. I really haven’t switched enough to report on sub kissing, although my experience so far has been pretty nice.


 But on to what this post is really about.


I’m a former band geek – I did ensembles, orchestra, pep band, various


Kissing: Instrumental

band activities, music theory, and marching band and generally spent far too much time in the music rooms. That being said,I was a terrible musician ; I hated practicing and still have problems sight-reading. However, about four years on the bassoon and flute and two on clarinet, I have to think my lip/tongue control was freaking amazingly fantastic. And my sax playing bf very quickly got into the swing of things – I still say he is the most powerful kisser I’ve ever met. Just perfect control, rhythm and diversity.


And having kissed clarinet players as well, I might conclude that this astounding kissing ability is confined to the woodwind section. There are probably some decent kissers in other instrument families but I have yet to encounter any of them – even this one smokin young percussionist lady at Apex ruined a perfectly sexy moment with a sloppy kiss. Should I have expected her to be better with her hands? Yes. Was she? No.


It’s probably wrong of me to assign sexual ability to a musical one. I can’t help it though with my experience being what it has been – I’ll be waiting for you string/percussion/brass/keyboard people to prove yourselves.