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Catch Up

August 13, 2009

It’s been forever since I posted and I’m content to get started up again now. I’m pretty sure I’m going to load up future posts with quotes, sexy photos I love and news until I get back into the swing of things.

Quote: “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” – Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein

Sexy photo:

Part of me can’t enjoy this photo because I see that she’s using some oil for cooking those sausages – while I accept the euphemism, I worry for the impending vegetable oil burns.

As for news, there’s been a ton since I last posted yet I can only recall an (old-ish) episode of Oprah earlier this week where she addressed female masturbation with Dr Laura Berman. A mother called in concerned for her four year old daughter who had begun masturbating and was breathing heavily and had a fast heart rate while doing so. Maybe not so much concerned…the woman seemed absolutely terrified. Dr. Laura light heartedly responded that the child was simply self-soothing, coming to orgasm and to let her be unless the masturbation was done to excess. I was already impressed but then the doctor went on to say that the lesson on masturbation moderation was a perfect time to talk about how the girl’s genitalia should be special to her and should be kept private (but aren’t dirty in any way)  AND to come to the mother if anyone touched them.

This is the quality of information that will stay in my head forever. Oh, Dr. Laura, how I aspire to your wisdom and open-minded philosophies!

I hope that’s good enough for now.


Medicinal Masturbation

August 25, 2008

Good gravy, do I love alliterative blog titles. Alliteraphilia? Who knows.

I Love Jacking Off *WINK*

I Love Jacking Off *WINK*


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I must look for alternative housing in the next week. In DC. I am livid about this. These circumstances are mostly due to my landlord who has upset me to the point of blurred vision, undue stress, and a severely reduced appetite (this only happens when I’ve suffered asthma and/or panic attacks).

So, I looked to my arsenal of sex toys and a night to myself to relieve my tension but found that I couldn’t even do that. I like to think that I have the uncanny ability to masturbate in nearly every situation – school, work, car, during lady times, while I’m sick, when I’m tired, and beyond. Yet, in the comfort of my own….well maybe not so much. My nasty landlord violated my privacy and maybe that thought got in the way of my orgasms. Which, in a terribly ironic way, makes me so angry that the whole situation is just counterproductive and I end up more f*cking pissed off than before. And to top it off there isn’t even any good sex news to console me!



Hilarious News About Masturbating: Justifying Today’s Double Post

August 6, 2008

I shouldn’t…but I must.

I bet my readers often ask themselves “Where does Notti get her awesome up to the date sex news?” It’s Google Alerts mostly and some favorite sex news sites, but mostly google alerts. One of the best ones I currently have is the word “masturbating”. EVERY SINGLE DAY I laugh heartily at some of these stories. So I feel I must share with the world (and myself for later reference; Masturbating news with hilariously descriptive titles.

Naked man masturbates drunkenly while chasing garbage truck.

Man masturbates in bus, bushes; Offends everyone, even himself.

Verizon salesman makes Door-to-door sales just that much creepier.

Man abuses speed limit and himself in a car full of drugs.

There are victims to be sure, but their pain just can’t stop me from laughing.


Masturbation – My Inspiration

August 1, 2008

I think the 31st being National Orgasm Day really got me hooked on this masturbating idea. The stream of consciousness went something like

I should have an orgasm today, well I guess I should do it myself, this is awesome, I wonder what everyone else is doing, i bet they don’t do it like this more people should do this the world would be a better place people would pay to watch me orgasm i would pay to watch me orgasm…

So at that point or somewhere near it I felt the need to create. I consider myself an artist but I can’t imagine that other people don’t feel the need to just PRODUCE something from time to time. And for me, when it rains, it pours – I get almost anxious to make a number of things the first of which is a sculpture made of the prostitute/escort cards I collected in Vegas.

But unfortunately I ran out of cards before I could really finish – poor planning on my part but whatever. Then I moved onto a quick sketch of my masturbating method of choice which is often called “Riding the Seam”. It’s all about putting indirect pressure on the clit. Spectacular.

Quick sketches are great because, while things come out less….realistic, the idea is captured and is usually interesting. But to focus a bit I started this oil pastel piece of a woman enjoying herself …somehow. Who is she? A girl I saw on the street today whose very striking ice blue eyes met mine for a few seconds. I want to make her feel like this woman in the drawing honestly.

We’ll see what happens to all these. I’ll be sure to post my progress. In the meantime I’m contemplating buying a new sexual object. The nominees are: New Glass Dildo, Strap On, Fetishwear, and More Sex Books. Any help with this monumentally significant decision is welcome and appreciated.