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Lazy, Sexy Weekend: Now with Burlesque!

October 26, 2008

M came down Friday night and we slept well into the next afternoon. Serious laziness – it’s the kind that actually leaves you exhausted from doing absolutely nothing for hours at a time. So, it was no surprise when Rae showed up to meet M and I was nearly too tired to go out for the night. But Rae convinced me to go to Palace of Wonders to see a burlesque show and have a couple drinks.

Anyone in the DC area ought to check this place out – it’s in a shady part of town but it’s very much a old-school carnival themed bar/venue complete with freak show attractions, popcorn, the pinstriped curtains. We got there and had a few drinks – M and Rae got along just fine and upon learning Rae wasn’t wearing panties under her dress, I think they got along even better. The show was amazing but M playing with Rae was extremely distracting and I wasn’t exactly sad to leave with a lovely lady and very anxious bf. The ride home was…interesting, with all of us all over each other, we got quite a few confused and intrigued looks.

We got home and fooled around some, Rae received punishments for her past infractions including:

Balancing a piece of candy against a wall while maintaining top notch

Too much flailing here

Too much flailing here

kneeling posture. This was fu cause I got to try out my new spreader bar,

Writing lines “I will not make excuses” while bound

16 hairbrush strokes to the thighs – the squealing she did for this got M from 0 to raging hard-on so fast that it caught him off guard.

We kept busy from 3 AM to 7 AM …slept a few hours and woke up to play well into this afternoon. Let’s see…I recall something like a 669 and killer cuddling and M criticizing my style of D/s, It’s all good, I think everyone came twice with the regular mix of choking, control, bondage and the glass dildo. And, with great feedback from both parties, I’m curious to see where this could lead. Unfortunately, nowhere in the next two weeks as I have to study study study for the GRE. Maybe I can steal a few kisses in the meantime.


Blog Carnival : Posts about Fetish Pinups, Nude Tai Chi, Prostate/G-Spot Orgasms

September 30, 2008

Welcome to the October 1, 2008 edition of carnival of alternative sexuality. I’m ever so disappointed with the number of entries this time but I’m determined to make all my posts this month about Erotica, so help me


Tali presents Pinups in Leather – Fetish Magazines posted at Tali, saying, “Leather, bondage and femdom make a great setting for pinup photography. Take a sneak peak into pinup subculture. I do however greatly enjoy the diversity in submissions this time.


Chris presents Totally Nude Tai Chi: A Review With Pictures posted at Martial Development.

JaniZee presents Prostate Massage – G-spot Orgasms – Fact or Fiction posted at G-spot Orgasms for Her – Prostate Massage (Prostate Milking) For Him.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of alternative sexuality using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Masturbation – My Inspiration

August 1, 2008

I think the 31st being National Orgasm Day really got me hooked on this masturbating idea. The stream of consciousness went something like

I should have an orgasm today, well I guess I should do it myself, this is awesome, I wonder what everyone else is doing, i bet they don’t do it like this more people should do this the world would be a better place people would pay to watch me orgasm i would pay to watch me orgasm…

So at that point or somewhere near it I felt the need to create. I consider myself an artist but I can’t imagine that other people don’t feel the need to just PRODUCE something from time to time. And for me, when it rains, it pours – I get almost anxious to make a number of things the first of which is a sculpture made of the prostitute/escort cards I collected in Vegas.

But unfortunately I ran out of cards before I could really finish – poor planning on my part but whatever. Then I moved onto a quick sketch of my masturbating method of choice which is often called “Riding the Seam”. It’s all about putting indirect pressure on the clit. Spectacular.

Quick sketches are great because, while things come out less….realistic, the idea is captured and is usually interesting. But to focus a bit I started this oil pastel piece of a woman enjoying herself …somehow. Who is she? A girl I saw on the street today whose very striking ice blue eyes met mine for a few seconds. I want to make her feel like this woman in the drawing honestly.

We’ll see what happens to all these. I’ll be sure to post my progress. In the meantime I’m contemplating buying a new sexual object. The nominees are: New Glass Dildo, Strap On, Fetishwear, and More Sex Books. Any help with this monumentally significant decision is welcome and appreciated.