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Thank you Make Me Blush Paddle, for there was much blushing to be had

December 14, 2008

Conveniently enough, as I just got a brand new paddle in the mail, Rae calls it quits on the D/s side of our relationship. Yet for the sake of science, curiosity, and the fact that I probably will never get to wield it on M, she gave her ass over to let me try this new paddle out. And I wanted to take some pictures with Xmas lights…also, for science.

The immediate appeal of this item was the color – anyone with a collection of impact toys will notice how pretty much everything is either

How delightfully pink

How delightfully pink

black or red. I refuse to settle for a dull collection of toys (I cherish my green spreader bar and rope!) so a bright baby pink paddle is what I got – and I think it’s one of Rae’s favorite colors, so bonus. Upon receiving it, I noticed that there is a severe lack of surface area compromised by the cut outs of the XOXO pattern and the paddle’s purse-sized dimensions (a blessing and a curse it seems). I bent Rae over her little stool and prepped her bare ass; I was determined to leave that XOXO pattern all over it!

The complete lack of wind resistance gave a satisfying THWACK, maybe a light pink “O” and goosebumps but not much else…until I flipped the impact side to the black half of the paddle. The pink half, while cuter, seemed to be made of a softer, more forgiving leather. The black side got a bit of squirming and the full XOXO. YES. Shortly after that discovery I realized that the paddle had more give than a traditional paddle – I could bend it and whip it across skin without damaging the toy or the skin. It wasn’t until I started really dragging the paddle though the hit that I started to get the results I was looking for. Rae even told me later that while a more rigid paddle would have made her melt, the new one had the kind of versatility in sensory stimulation to get her to subspace and back.

A little problem solving creativity got me pretty far with the Make Me Blush Paddle, anyone with the same ingenuity could likely wield it as a beginner’s or warm up toy with success and a couple XO’s with the right amount of force.