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Weekend in Annapolis: Piercings, Bondage, Etc.

October 20, 2008

Spent the weekend with my sweetie, M, in Annapolis, where he’s finishing up his final year of college. Aj was conveniently unavailable for us to play with, so we made our own fun. HOWEVER, our firtst night together was pretty unsavory. For those of you considering an apadrvya piercing for your or your partner’s cock please consider the following:

1. They take forever to heal – M’s took something close to a year, which meant very little sex, which meant we fought fairly often.

2. The cock becomes dependent on the piercing to sustain an erection – that means if you wanna go without for one night, you basically can’t. M tells me sex feels just spectacular with the piercing but when oral or anal comes into the picture the piercing has to come out and keeping it hard takes just about everything I have in me.

3. The jewelry has to fit PERFECTLY – We learned this after losing pieces of the barbell and after an oversized one did some painful stuff to my vagina. Never again. Oh and if you get the wrong metal your body will reject the piercing in a gross way (M has lost two rungs of his Jacob’s ladder to this)

4. Blow job givers must do a complete overhaul on their techniques – I happen to be blessed with a benign tumor on the roof of my mouth that gives a hollow click when the piercing makes an appearance. Also, it tickles.

The middle two are especially pertinent to my weekend; M managed to get a new barbell whose metal I am apparently severely allergic to and taking out the piercing resulted in him unable to orgasm. Gah. But we got past it and had some amazing adventures in orafice exploration.

M tied me up…extremely well (using my new green rope, yay). Something about being very tightly bound gets me worked up so much that I’m just dying to cum before the last knot is finished. He barely managed to skim and spank my exposed skin before I came every breath out of my body. It was intense. I actually was a pretty decent sub that night – he would just give me that look of “I will end you” and I just suppressed all switchy urges. Actually, that look reminded me of the scene in Pitch Black where Vin Diesel destroys the hammer-head whooping monster with his badassery and then declares “He did NOT know who he was fucking with” It’s funny because for a long time M struggled to find ways to punish lil masochistic me and he’s become terribly creative to get around it. I can never tell what’s going on in his head and that makes me get my shit together.

Good times and then there was sushi, soccer, Octoberfest, watching Exit to Eden (worst soundtrack I’ve ever heard) and cleaning M’s room.