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Low Posting, so what gives?! (subbie birthday gift ideas?)

December 2, 2008

I assume that’s what my readers are asking themselves. About 1/3 of them are reading that armpit post anyway, so probably not, but I digress.

Two weekends ago, my new gf and my old bf got into a fun little car accident on their way to see me. No one was hurt, thank god, but the car is wrecked to death. We still managed to eventually hang out and have a decent time but the ramifications of the accident loomed in the back of all our minds. Then, I couldn’t participate in the more penetrative activities due to feeling like absolute shit. Now, I’m waiting to hear how messed up my hormones are, M’s back in lock-down study mode at school, and Rae’s in Tennessee sorting her life out.

I’m sick and lonely and horny!!!

I can at least find comfort in the coming holiday season when everything will be better and I can eat my weight in delicious foods again. More importantly, I can give Rae her belated birthday gift …if only I could figure out what that should be. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Trip to the local bondage club for drinks, dancing and some
    Or maybe this goatse-esque cake..

    Or maybe this goatse-esque cake..

    birthday spankings no doubt courtesy of a few friends.

  • A collar to match her watch – not really necessary (I think the watch works much better) but she wants one and M and I think they’re pretty cute.
  • Drinks, dinner and a movie date – which SOUNDS boring but can be made fun with little tasks and even littler outfits.

Not that enough people really respond to the polls but I’ll put one up to help decide

Pics will no doubt ensue!


Belated Smoke A Poll!

November 6, 2008

I can’t believe how I sacrifice the integrity of this precious blog for some stupid GRE (which is viewed by far fewer people). Life is getting me down leaving me uninspired when it comes to posting.

Perhaps the results of this poll will help some.

Everyone pray for my betta, Red Wing, for she has fish tuberculosis.


Sex News + Poll: What’s normal anymore?!

October 29, 2008

I noticed that the filters picked up a lot of stats for the past couple weeks so I thought this theme would be “one in  three/four/five”

One in Five Brits think monogamy isn’t sexy, one in three think it’s not natural

One in Five Teens aren’t getting the sex talk

One in Five Married men have had extra marital affairs during their marriage

One in Five Teens have been victims of dating abuse

One in Three Brits have knocked boots at work, lots of other stats, too

One in Four American Teens have an STD

Man those Brits have their stats together.

Annnnnd Smoke A Poll Wednesday Means:


To Punish or Not to Not Punish? I Can Justify My Feelings on This…

October 24, 2008

First off, my co-author, Mme. Hovary will return soon with all kinds of lovely posts. I miss them so.

So, Rae cheated on her diet big time – fried food, alcohols and cigarettes – but I can’t punish her cause she’s sick. It’s so lame. I’m very much disappointed with her for screwing up but that maternal-ish nature in me that wants to hug and kiss her until she gets better is getting in the way.


But, as I type this out, I can’t help but think that maybe her little cold was caused by the previously made transgression. Smoking damages the immune system last I checked as does excessive alcohol intake. I’m not sure how funnel cake could be related but I’m sure it’s not doing any good for anybody. Oh wait wait wait I found this random article that says fried foods cause cancer!!! So, yeah, Boosh.

I’m no scientist but I’m perfectly comfortable with concluding that Rae is sick and missing out on major fun time with me because she deviated from the healthy diet/lifestyle changes I set up for her.  I could just let it go and assume that the cold is enough punishment but now I’m far too comfortable with tanning her ass for slipping up in the first place.

Once again, blogging alleviates my guilt and directs me to solution that finds me in the right. Awesome.

Now watch me get carried away with these cool new polls


What is your favorite boob size?

October 22, 2008

In honor of the new polls and Breast Awareness Month, here is a poll about breasts that in its futile subjectivity will probably not give any useful insight on the topic. Vote away, regardless!

My answer is A cup. Cause I’d just rather go sans bra.

I proclaim Wednesdays from this Wednesday forward, “Smoke A Poll” Wednesdays which will provide sexy yet pointless polls to determine just how kinky this blog’s readers are.