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Something like polyamory

September 14, 2008

I’ve been dating the same guy for 5+ years now with an open relationship that I can only describe as

Many Loves

Many Loves

the only successful one I’ve ever heard of.

Today we had a cam chat that retrospectively must be pretty damn weird to most people (I imagine) First he explained to me the moves he’s been putting on this one girl on his campus…she’s pretty cute I must say but what got him was the collar and corset she wore at a party. This is an exciting detail – the first time I sported a collar, he practically went nuts with desire. Now apparently he got to second base with this young woman but I had to pull teeth to get the whole story! It was worth it. He went on to tell her that nature of his relationship with me and said something to the effect of:

“Well, I’d like to have you as my girlfriend but ideally I’d want you as my girlfriend’s girlfriend, too”

Hot damn. So it comes out that she’s incredibly submissive (which is great cause I ain’t) and kinky. Splendid. And, while I’m modeling my new underwear, I tell the bf some details about the couple I had just met and he listens very patiently and with interest and we exchange stories like excited kids at show n’ tell. I think that jealousy is there but in a different way. He said awhile back that he was never jealous of the people I’ve been with, he just wishes he were there having fun with me.


I know it’s tough for him as most girls seem to want me out of the picture but he always defends our relationship. Probably because I’m the shit.